Best Hockey Bag (2021) – Wheeled & Duffle Bags

Your hockey gear is your protective shield and an extension of your arms when on the ice. This is why you need to use the best hockey bag to ensure that your gear doesn’t get damaged while in transit.

However, not just any duffle or sports bag would work.

Hockey bags need to be waterproof, durable, and be able to hold all of the gear that you are taking from practices or games. Choosing the perfect bag for you might not be easy, however.

It will depend on what you need from your hockey bag, how much gear you bring, and your personal preference.

Whether you prefer a wheeled or duffle bag, there is a perfect hockey bag out there for you

Different Hockey Bag Types 

Hockey Bag Compartments

Getting the best hockey bag is going to save you a lot of frustration in the future. They are designed to hold your skates, hockey stick wax, pants, water bottle, and anything else you might need. Here are the three most common types of hockey bags.

Wheeled Hockey Bag 

Wheeled bags simply make it easier to roll your hockey bag around from place to place. If you have to walk up a lot of stairs, however, they could lose their appeal pretty quickly. Wheeled bags are heavier, bulkier, and harder to fit into compact spaces.

If you had to pick it up to carry it for any reason, you would find that it is harder to do with a wheeled bag. However, wheels make it simple to pull your bag around, which can be useful if your gear is especially heavy.

Carry Bags (Duffle Bags) 

Duffle bags are the traditional type of sports bag and the most common kind of hockey bag that is used. They usually have two handles and a zipper across the top in order to carry them.


Hockey backpacks are an easier way to carry your hockey equipment around. The weight of your equipment is distributed evenly on your shoulders, making it easier to carry and making it easier for you to fit through doorways.

10 Best Hockey Bags (2021)





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Editor's Choice




2. Bauer S20 Pro Bag





3. CCM 380 Deluxe

Budget Friendly




4. Warrior Q20 Cargo




5. Bauer S19 Bag

Junior Hockey Bag




6. Pond Pack




7. CCM 290 Backpack

Best Backpack




8. Bauer 950 Carry Bag




9. Pacific Rink Bag

Best Duffle Bag




10. GRIT GT3 Sumo

Goalie Bag




1. Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

Best Hockey Bag Overall (Editor's Choice)

Our Editor’s Choice for the best hockey bag is the Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag. This is a ventilated 2-wheeled hockey bag.

Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Bag

The ventilation in this bag comes in the form of a mesh panel and a mesh shelf, which will help the contents of your bag dry even while they are in the bag. There is also a removable mesh bag that will let you store smaller wet items.

Even though this is a wheeled bag, it is still lightweight. With the carry strap, you can easily go from pulling it to carrying it without any trouble. It is the best of both worlds. The soft fold out mat keeps your feet off of the locker room floor as well, which is really a nice perk.

One of the biggest pros to this bag is that there is a stick strap that can hold up to two sticks right on the bag. With the wheeled function, you can really free up your hands.

Who It’s Best For

This is a good bag for players who compete, but who do not have an excessive amount of gear. The tower function keeps your gear upright, but also does not expand to accommodate for extras. Grit HTFX bag is also one of the best gifts for hockey players.

The mesh ventilation helps competitive players who are likely to throw their gear in the bag after a game. In the bag, it has a chance to dry out.

  • Lightweight
  • Composite frame system for durability
  • Mesh panel and mesh shelf for drying
  • Stick strap that can hold up to 2 sticks
  • Removable mesh bag for wet gear
  • Not as big as other bags

2. Bauer S20 Pro Carry Hockey Bag


Our runner up choice is the Bauer S20 Pro Carry Hockey Bag. This is a carry bag that comes in both senior and junior sizes, so you can get one for either an adult or child hockey player.

Bauer S20 Pro Carry Hockey Bag

The bag comes with DryFlow Grommets, which will help with ventilation, keeping your gear dry and keeping the bag from getting too soaked from wet gear. The material is a heavy duty Pro-Tarp construction, which is incredibly water resistant as well as durable. It is a carry bag, so it does not have wheels or back straps to carry with.

The bag has a large main compartment with a straight zipper to put your items in. The zipper is a high-quality YKK zipper than will not break on you. Inside of the bag, there are mesh organizer panels to help you separate your gear, but it is not the same as having full compartments in a bag. The handles are reinforced with HD webbing, so you know that they will not succumb to wear and tear easily.

As an added bonus, this bag comes in three different colours, so you will not be stuck with the standard black if you do not want to.

Who It’s Best For

This bag is ideal for hockey players who would like to avoid the bulkiness that comes with using one of the wheeled bags. It does come with good mesh organizers, so you will still be able to organize your gear as well. Since it does come in both senior and junior sizes, it will work for children and adults alike.

  • DryFlow Grommets
  • Large main compartment
  • Heavy Duty Pro-Tarp construction
  • Handles have reinforced webbing
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Not much in the way of compartments

3. CCM 380 Deluxe Player Hockey Bag

Budget Friendly

The perfect wheeled hockey bag that you can get on a budget is the CCM 380 Deluxe. This bag should do well for most players as it has plenty of pockets to organize your gear.

CCM 380 Deluxe Wheel Bag

It comes with two end skate pockets within the main compartment, as well as a wide mesh zippered laundry pocket and an internal accessory pocket. This should help to keep you items separated well and make them easier to find when you need to.

The bag is made out of honeycomb ripstop polyester with a reinforced bottom, ensuring it should hold up for a long time. The material also makes it lightweight, so it shouldn’t be a problem to move around.

Who It’s Best For

Because of the bag’s all-terrain wheels and the fact that it is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, this bag is a great choice for players who are more competitive and looking for a bag that will hold up to travel and last for a long time.

  • All-terrain wheels
  • 2 end skate pockets
  • Wide mesh laundry pocket with a zipper
  • Reinforced webbed side and end handles
  • Reinforced bottom
  • Zipper is not as durable as other bags

4. Warrior Q20 Cargo Wheel Hockey Bag

Another great hockey bag that you should consider is the Warrior Q20 Cargo bag. This is a large-sized wheeled bag that also has handles for carrying.

Warrior Q20 Cargo Wheel Hockey Bag

The Q20 bag has a U-shaped opening, which makes it much easier to get in and out of to grab your gear. It also has a lot of internal pockets to keep your gear organized separated. The custom liner material  on the inside of the bag includes vents that will help the items you keep inside get some air so it can dry out a little bit better.

While it does have wheels you can use, it also has a durable handle that makes it easier to haul around. The material itself has been coated with tarpaulin to make it waterproof as well.

Who It’s Best For

This bag is best for players who are transporting a lot of gear to and from the rink. The size is larger than many of the other bags out there and it can really hold everything that you have.

  • Strong roller base
  • End skate pocket
  • Internal valuables pocket
  • U-shaped opening
  • Thick rubbered structured corners
  • It is a massive bag

5. Bauer S19 Elite Wheel Junior Hockey Bag

For Juniors

If you are looking for a junior hockey bag, we suggest the Bauer S19 Elite hockey bag. This is a bag that comes with wheels, making it easy to pull around without too much effort, provided there is a terrain to allow you to do so.

Bauer S19 Elite Wheel Hockey Bag

The bag comes with Dry Flow Grommets, which are a type of ventilation system that will help to keep your items within the bag as dry as possible.

The side and top airflow dryout panels also will help to keep the bag dry on the inside and help your gear to dry out after you use it. The bag comes with rivet reinforced handles as well, so they will not come off, even when you decide to life the bag up off of its wheels. It is easy to lift as well.

The bag comes with a lot of compartments, so you will be able to organize all of your equipment without too much trouble. It has oversized end skate and helmet pockets, giving you a spot just for that specific equipment. The only downside the bag has is that there is not a place to strap on your hockey sticks to help you carry them to and from the rink.

Who It’s Best For

The Bauer S19 Elite hockey bag is ideal for competitive players. It is designed to keep all of your equipment well-organized, giving you a spot for just about everything. Because of the airflow pockets, you can have all of your gear inside and drying without needing to fully open up the bag.

  • Ventilation Dry Flow Grommets
  • Side and Top Airflow Dryout Panels
  • Rivet reinforced handles
  • Oversized end skate and helmet pockets
  • Ripstop polyester fabric
  • No place to hold sticks

6. Pond Pack Hockey Backpack

Backpacks are incredibly helpful to carry around your hockey gear. If you are opting for a backpack, make sure that you are using a higher quality backpack. Hockey Pursuits found that the Pond Pack is a great choice.

Pond Pack

The Pond Pack is all about pockets. There are vertical pockets for extra storage, personal belongings pockets, a compartment for pads, and enough room for anything else that you might want to carry. There is a helmet hook on the outside to keep your helmet attached, which is preferable when it comes to backpacks.

For your skates, there are extra sleeves that will lock the skates in place, ensuring that you are not going to get stabbed in the back when you are wearing the backpack when it is full of your gear.

Made from 1000D Codura nylon, the Pond Pack has extra durability as well as a reinforced bottom, keeping all of your items exactly where they need to be.

Who It’s Best For

This is a great bag for both players and coaches. It has a lot of extra pockets and spaces to hold things like stick wax, mouth guards, or anything else that you might want to have on hand that you would not want to toss into the general area of the bag.

  • 1000D Codura/Kodra Nylon for extra durability
  • Personal belongings pocket with fleece top
  • 2 large vertical pockets for extra storage
  • Helmet hook on the outside
  • Adjustable skate sleeves to hold skates in place
  • Not as big as other packs, gear needs to be put in correctly for it to close well

7. CCM 290 Wheeled Hockey Backpack

Best Hockey Backpack

For a more versatile hockey bag, you should consider the CCM290 wheeled backpack bag. Not only does this bag have wheels to make it easier to cart around, but it also is a backpack, so you can throw it on your back when you need or want to.

CCM 290 Wheeled Hockey Backpack

The wheels on the CCM 290 are excellent, all-terrain wheels so you won’t run into trouble pulling it when you switch the type of ground that you are rolling on. Since it converts to a backpack, if it doesn’t seem like pulling it is working, that’s when you can just wear it.

This is a durable bag made from 600D rip-stop polyester, so you will not experience any wear and tear on this bag and it should hold up for the long-term. There is also mesh covered diamond ventilation, which will allow the air to flow easily throughout the whole bag, keeping your gear dry.

Who It’s Best For

This is a good backpack for players who really do not like to carry their bags with their hands or who have to take their bags long distances by foot. Carrying hockey gear by hand can get cumbersome, so this is a nice option to take away the need of carrying by hand.

  • Combo bag of wheels and backpack
  • 600D rip-stop polyester for durability
  • Exterior grab handles have been reinforced
  • Mesh covered diamond ventilation
  • Wheels are all-terrain, so they will work on any surface
  • Wheels make it a little awkward to carry on your back

8. Bauer 950 Hockey Bag

If wheeled bags are not what you are looking for, the Bauer 950 Hockey Carry Bag might be a more suitable choice. Made in the style of a classic duffle bag, the Bauer 950 is an ideal choice for old school players.

Bauer 950 Hockey Carry Bag

Just like its wheeled counterpart, the Bauer 950 Carry Bag is made with heavy duty 840D Dura Hex rip-stop polyester, so this bag can take a beating and still hold up well. Built to be tough on the outside, it still has a great inside, including a fleece helmet compartment, keeping your helmet safely away from the rest of your gear.

The main compartment of the Bauer 950 is U-shaped, allowing you to really leverage your gear in there without any trouble. With the carry strap, this bag can easily go from wheeled to carry in seconds.

Who It’s Best For

This is a great bag for players who are going to be carrying a lot of gear, but who do not want the bulk of a wheeled bag. It is designed to have a compartment for just about everything and it is a great size. This is a good bag for younger players as well, so even if it seems big to begin with, it is easy to grow into as the player gets older.

  • Heavy duty 840 Dura Hex rip-stop material
  • Hypalon corners for durability
  • Internal organizer panel and glove pocket
  • Dry flow grommets for air flow
  • Fleece helmet compartment
  • Pretty big for a carry bag

9. Pacific Rink Player Hockey Bag

Best Hockey Duffle Bag

If you happen to favour a duffle bag, do not worry, there are still great hockey duffle bags out there. Our pick for the best hockey duffle bag is the Pacific Rink Player Bag.

Pacific Rink Duffle Hockey Bag

One of the best things about this bag is that it is both a duffle bag and a backpack. There are hideaway backpack straps that can help you cart the bag wherever you need to, which can be helpful if you are walking long distances with it.

This is a pretty compact bag, so it will fit in small spaces, trunks, and other places, so it really does travel well. It is made using 1000D Codura Nylon which is reinforced for durability. It is a light reflective material, giving you an idea of where your items are in the back even when it’s closed.

Who It’s Best For

This is a great organized bag for players who like their items in a compact and clean location. The bag travels well, so it is also a good choice for players who are traveling for games. The durability of it is high enough to handle the wear and tear that happens during travel.

  • 1000D Codura/Kodra Nylon with ballistic nylon reinforced
  • Light reflective material so you can see where things are in the bag
  • Personal belongings pocket to hold keys and your phone
  • Removable wet mesh bag easily clips in and out of your bag
  • Hideaway backpack straps when you need to go a longer distance
  • Bag is not as big as other bags

10. GRIT GT3 SUMO Goalie Tower Hockey Bag

Best Goalie Bag

Let’s be honest, goalies need bigger and stronger bags. This is because goalies always carry more gear than other positions. For the best goalie bag that you can get, check out the GRIT GT3 SUMO goalie bag.

Grit GT3 Sumo Goalie Tower Hockey Bag

This is a tower bag, so it sits upright for loading or unloading as well as for taking the bag around from place to place. The only disadvantage to this design in this case is the SUMO does not have adequate handles for hauling it around.

Design-wise, this bag has tribal graphics on the side panels, making it a little more attractive than some of the other bags that you will see out there. It also has increased flexibility, meaning you can stuff it if you need to, due to Torsion Technology. It won’t rip, but can handle the extra pressure.

Durability is key with this bag, so it should hold up well to being thrown around or stored in a car or truck.

Who It’s Best For

This is a goalie bag, so it is best for goalies. This means it is big enough to carry all of your equipment, but also durable enough to hold up to the wear and tear that the bag will naturally go through.

  • Lightweight with a 21% reduction in weight
  • Increased flexibility due to the Torsion Technology
  • Durable and heavy duty frame
  • Improved interior shelves
  • Mask cover for extra protection
  • It doesn’t have all of the handles that it should to make it easier to carry

11. Bauer 950 Wheeled Hockey Bag

If wheeled bags are what you are after, but you don’t want to break the bank over it, then Hockey Pursuits has a good recommendation for you. The Bauer 950 Hockey Wheeled Bag is ranked as one of the top hockey bags that is also budget friendly.

Bauer 950 Wheeled Hockey Bag

Made with a heavy duty 840D Dura Hex rip-stop polyester, this bag is designed to be able to take a beating and still hold up well. It is tough on the outside, but interior comforts are still well thought of, including a skate pocket and fleece helmet compartment, keeping your skates and helmet safely away from the rest of your gear.

The main compartment of the Bauer 950 is U-shaped, and the internal organizer panel and mesh pocket features help in compartmentalizing your gear without any trouble. With the carry strap, this bag can easily go from wheeled to carry without any trouble.

Who It’s Best For

This is a great bag for players who are going to be carrying a lot of gear. It is designed to have a compartment for just about everything and it is an ideal size for all the hockey gear you may need. Designed to last through seasons, it is a good option for players who are looking to grow in the game.

  • Heavy duty 840D Dura Hex rip-stop material
  • Hypalon corners for durability
  • Internal organizer panel and glove pocket
  • Dry flow grommets for air flow
  • Fleece helmet compartment
  • Heavier to carry, especially with the wheels, which can make it cumbersome

12. CCM 280 Deluxe Wheeled Hockey Bag

CCM 280 is a heavier-duty wheeled back, and this bag should hold up well with use.

CCM 280 Junior Hockey Bag

This is a bigger, 33-inch bag, meaning it can really hold what you need it to. But with the extra size, it is harder to take places and carry around. The wheels will help, but it is a little snug to fit into other spaces. It also has tarpaulin for extra protection, making it more durable.

Inside, there are organized compartments, including a mesh zippered laundry pocket that can hold your towel or anything else that you need to dry out. It also comes with all-terrain wheels, which will take you across different surfaces with ease.

Who It’s Best For

This is best for players who need the extra space to carry gear. Sometimes the smaller bags make it necessary to stuff your gear in, which you will not run into with this bag. The extra room also means your gear will have a better chance of drying out inside of the bag.

  • Made with 600D rip-stop polyester fabric
  • Lightweight for a wheeled bag
  • All-terrain wheels for more efficiency
  • Constructed with tarpaulin for extra protection from wear and tear
  • Mesh zippered laundry pocket to hold your towel or other wet items
  • Bigger bag, but it is harder to get around with

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Hockey Bag

Hockey Bag Specifications

You cannot pick out the first bag you see and hope that it is the perfect hockey bag for you. Instead, you will need to think about what is important in a good hockey bag and what your needs are.


The perfect size for you will vary from player to player. Some bags allow you to pack your hockey helmet inside, whereas others will not allot for the extra room. Remember: the bigger the bag, the harder to store.

Bigger bags often are heavier to move around as well, so you will really need to consider what you will be putting inside of it before you decide on size. There are also youth bags, so if you are looking for a child, remember that you need a bag that he/she will be able to carry around.


The modern hockey bags are made from high quality reinforced nylon. This ensures that the bag will not tear when you fill it and it should be able to hold up well to being tossed around. The durability ratings go from 100 to 1000, with 1000 being the strongest.

Typically, nylon is known for its durability, which is especially important with hockey gear, since your bag is likely to be tossed around. Most modern bags will be made to be resistant to tearing. If you think about how you toss your gear in when you are done playing, you will see the importance of having a durable bag.


You are not going to want to throw your tape or wax in a big space with your skates. For this reason, compartments are important. Hockey bags will have different quantities and sizes of compartments, usually with the skates separated into one compartment with another for your pads, but not all bags are the same. 

Organizing your gear properly in hockey bags is important, because it will allow your gear to dry properly and increase its overall longevity. Depending on the amount of time your gear will be stored in the bag, you will want to keep your items separated to dry as well as possible.


When you are done skating for the day, you are going to naturally throw your wet gear into your bag. Your bag needs to be made of a nylon or polyester that will not absorb that water. Having a mesh feature to the bag is also helpful in drying your gear out.

Waterproof nylon will increase the overall longevity of the bag and prevent it from developing any unseemly smells. Bags that are too wet can develop mold and bag smells, while also decreasing the durability of the bag. You do not want to throw out your bag because it has become soggy.

What Hockey Bag Size Do I Need

The hockey bag size that you need will depend on a few factors. You want a bag that will hold all of your items, but you also want a bag that you will be able to transport. Packing should be easy, but the bag cannot weigh a ton.

The various styles of bags will affect the size. Whether you want a tower bag, a wheeled bag, a carry bag, or even a backpack will all affect the size and the shape of the bag. Tower bags are often hard to store in a lower or under a bench, if the top is not flexible enough to be squished if you needed to.

Youth bags are smaller than senior bags. If you are shopping for a child, you will want to get a smaller bag, rather than a larger one. Unless you are carrying their gear for them, a child needs to be able to carry his/her own bag.

Final Verdict

The best hockey bag overall is the Grit HTFX. This is a wheeled tower bag that gives you a ton of space to work with, while also having a mesh panel to help keep your gear as dry as possible.

If you would rather have a carry bag, our second choice was for the Bauer S20 Pro carry bag. The bag comes with a lot of compartments, is made from a durable fabric, and has sturdy handles that will not come off, even when you are carrying them around.

Naturally, if you have a junior hockey player in your life, you would need a smaller bag, like the Bayer S19 Elite, which will help your young player cart all of his/her equipment to every game without trouble.

Finding the right bag means knowing what you need from a bag, including the amount of compartments and how you would prefer to carry. The perfect bag for you is out there.

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