Best Hockey Pants For (2021) – Senior, Junior, Youth

When you are just getting started in the world of hockey, you might not realize the importance of having the best hockey pants you can get.

After all, they are just pants and not a helmet, right? Wrong.

Hockey pants are an essential piece of hockey gear.

Hockey pants are intended to protect your lower body, including your hips, thighs, and your tailbone. They will protect your kidneys and spine as well from falls, hits, slashes, and even shots.

Because hockey pants are essentially your shield from possible body injury, you have to make sure that you have the perfect hockey pants for you.

This means they need to offer the level of protection that is best for you and fit you well. Some pants will have higher levels of padding than other pants, so what you need will depend on how you play as well as your body type.

This is what you need to know to find the right hockey pants for you.

10 Best Hockey Pants (2021)


Skill Level



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1. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

Editor's Choice




2. CCM Tacks AS1

High Performance




3. Warrior Covert QRE

Budget Friendly




4. CCM Super Tacks




5. Bauer Nexus 1N




6. Bauer Vapor X900




7. Bauer Nexus N9000




8. Warrior Covert QRE

Hockey Girdle




9. Bauer Supreme 2S

Junior Hockey Pants




10. CCM Tacks AS1

Youth Hockey Pants




1. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Ice Hockey Pants

Best Hockey Pants (Editor's Choice)

If you are looking for the best hockey pants, look no further than the Bauer Vapor 2X hockey pants. These pants are made for elite players who really need an excellent combination of performance, comfort, and protection.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Pants

The Bauer Vapor 2X pants only weigh 2.75 pounds (1250 grams), making them some of the lightest pants that you will find on the market. Even though they are lightweight, they are not any less durable or powerful. In fact, their construction is intended to combine mobility, comfort, and protection, without sacrificing any of the quality.

The pants come with a Fast Strap system that is made to free up the abs portion of the pants. The X-Lite Shield will also provide you with spine protection while still moving with you, making the pants really feel as comfortable as your street pants might.

The patterns of the Vapor 2X pants are refined, which allows them to move with your body while giving you a nice natural forward flex. You will not find yourself struggling to bend your knee in these pants, because they are made to give you that added flexibility without any trouble.

The pants are made out of a Pro Spec 840D nylon. This kind of nylon gives you a better longevity, since it is more durable than some of the other nylons you will have seen on the market. Their leg closure is a zipper, but it also has a closure extension fit, allowing you to increase the pant length by an inch, which can be nice when you are navigating your hockey skates around your pants.

These pants are available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large, but you would need to see the size chart to confirm your size. They usually go with your regular pants size as a base. Finally, you can get these hockey pants in black, navy, or red, helping you to coordinate with your team’s colours.

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent fit
  • Perfect balance of mobility, comfort, and protection
  • Natural forward flex
  • Fast Strap Technology
  • We didn’t find any!

2. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Pants

High Performance

If you are looking for a pair of high performance hockey pants, take a look at the CCM Super Tacks AS1 hockey pants.

These are made to perform and are a great choice for players who are playing all of the time.

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Pants

The AS1 pants are made with a D3O smart material to give you lightweight protection. This way, you should not be encumbered by your pants. They do have an anatomical fit as well, so they should be more like a part of yourself rather than a separate piece of equipment to work around.

The pants have a pro-level JDP cap that has been reinforced with the D3O. This kind of construction will take the impact off of your hip joint, and absorb any shock that might cause an injury.

The enhanced back protection is improved by a height adjustable, floating spine protector. This also uses the D3O. As a result, you will have a high level of protection and comfort, though it might take some tweaking to get the right adjustments on this piece of the pants.

The pants also have molded caps. To help protect the kidneys, there is a molded PE cap. To help the thighs, there is a floating molded HD caps that has been combined with the PE foam to give you better shock absorption. The caps are able to move with you as you skate, so you will have a steady and reliable place of protection on your pants.

The technology of these pants also includes reinforcement in their side panels. That will help keep them durable and lasting much longer than other pants. This is really nice in high-wear zones. The pants also use an internal belting system to help you adjust them perfectly. This includes a belly pad to help protect your abs. There is also a one-inch extension on the bottoms of the legs.

  • Lightweight protection
  • Molded caps for better protection
  • Pro 400D nylon construction
  • Internal belting system
  • Anatomical fit
  • Back adjustment is tricky to navigate

3. Warrior Covert QRE Pro Hockey Pants

Budget Friendly

If you are still looking for high quality hockey pants, but you are on a budget, the Warrior Cover QRE Pro pants might be a great choice for you.

Warrior Covert QRE Hockey Pants

These pants have a Covert tapered fit, which is designed to give you a tailored fit. They will also follow a natural skating position, keeping them comfortably in place as you skate around a rink. With their minimalist design, you will not be encumbered by them at all. It is safe to say that these pants fall under the minimalist type of hockey pants, meaning they do not have the high level of padding that you might find with other hockey pants out there. The fact that they are light, however, will keep you moving with ease around the rink.

For growing players or players who just need a little extra length, the Covert QRE Pro pants come with a zippered one-inch adjustable leg extension. The shell of the pants is a mix of premium denier nylon weaved together. As a result, the pants are very lightweight and will help keep water off of your skin.

Protection-wise, you will get protection for your hips, waist, and thighs, helping protect you from hits and bumps. The floating internal waist belt will help keep the pants in place as you skate around the ice. The material that they are made from is not the most durable, however, which means that these pants would not be the ideal hockey pants for an elite player, but would work well for a beginning or recreational hockey player.

  • Taper fit
  • Follows natural skating position
  • Zippered one-inch adjustable leg extension
  • Protection for the hips, waist, and thighs
  • Internal waist belt to keep pants in place
  • Not incredibly durable pants

4. CCM Super Tacks Hockey Pants

Another great choice is the CCM Super Tacks hockey pants. These pants are specifically made for elite players who need the best level of protection possible.

CCM Super Tacks Hockey Pants

Anatomically fitting, you will get both great balance and comfort from the Super Tacks hockey pants. Made with a Pro 400D nylon, these are lightweight while still being durable. The side panel reinforcement will also help ensure their durability as well as your own protection on the ice.

The thigh guard on the Super Tacks pants is molded with HD and PE foam, giving you pro-level protection without the pro-level price to worry about. The spine protection in the back of the pants is also adjustable, allowing customizing your fit as well.

The JDP molded plastic as well as the D30 reinforcements are ideal for impact absorptions, keeping your kidneys and spine as safe as possible. The hip pads are specifically designed to take a beating without you getting hurt. The foam is a medium-density, making it heavier than some, but not necessarily as heavy as you might need. The groin has also been thought of, giving you mid-density flexible foam in a key flex zone.

You will also get some other customization options from these pants, including adding a one-inch extension of the length with a hidden zipper.

  • Molded HD and PE foam for thigh protection
  • JDP cap with D30 Smart Material for hip protection
  • Adjustable floating spine with D30 Smart Material for lower back protection
  • Thigh zipper to make it easy to undress while wearing these
  • Padded waistband belt system
  • Does not have the same agility ability as other hockey pants on the market

5. Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Pants

Another hit from Bauer, the Bauer Nexus 1N hockey pants are one of the best pairs of hockey pants that you can get.

Bauer Nexus 1N Hockey Pants

With the latest technology, the Nexus 1N has a combination of innovation and classic fit. This means that Bauer has added in the SEVEN+ technology on the spine of the pants. This means that there is a new molded foam technology designed to specifically take a heavy hit when you are out on the ice.

There is also an included revamped extension fit system with the Nexus 1N. This has replaced zippers with suspender loops that will let players extend the length of their hockey pants by an inch. This is ideal for growing players or players who have longer legs and who need a little extra length in their pants.

With strategically placed flex zones, you will be able to move easily across the ice with agility. The 840D nylon form of the shell is durable, especially in high traffic areas. You should have all of the flexibility that you need to get from your hockey pants. You do not want to find your stride shortened due to the flexibility of your pants, so thankfully, the Nexus 1N has fixed that for you.

The liner that you will find in the Bauer Nexus 1N is designed to convert your body’s sweat into steam, keeping you dry and as comfortable as possible. Remember, however, that your body, including your spine, require a high level of protection from your hockey pants and you need to make sure these will have just what you need.

  • 2-piece ergonomic thigh pads
  • Molded dome construction on the hips
  • SEVEN+ technology for back protection
  • Thigh zipper for easy on/easy off
  • Molded HD foam waistband design
  • Not as highly padded as some of their competitors

6. Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Hockey Pants

The Bauer Vapor X900 Lite hockey pants were made to give you a high performing pant that should meet all of your needs. These are a great choice for elite or advanced players who will be doing a lot of skating.

Bauer Vapor X900 Hockey Pants

The X900s have a spine protection that is free flex, built using the Hyperlite HD foam. These pants are specifically designed to give you a high level of protection as well as the comfort and flexibility that you would need to be competitive on the ice.

The kidney protection with the X900 hockey pants is amplified by the free flex independent spine. You can customize the spine so that it goes exactly where you need it to be in order to be both comfortable and protected. The HD foam also has a flared out design, which is meant to make you feel more protected.

The hip pads are made from a molded PE insert with a tapered design. The thigh guards are also well-made, also constructed using the PE. The thigh guards do have a flexible gusset to allow you to stretch the pants over your skates if you need to. The liner inside of the pants is made with Thermomax technology, which will help keep sweat away from your skin.

The dual density cover inner lock belt system on the Bauer Vapor X900 allows you to adjust your hockey pants so you can have the best fit. After all, your hockey pants should be able to stay in place all through your game.

  • Free flex independent spine with Hyperlite HD foam
  • Kidney protection with Hyperlite HD foam
  • Flared out design for more freedom of movement
  • Thigh guards made with molded PE
  • Dual density cover with an inner lock belt system
  • Not very durable, will not hold up  for the long run

7. Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Pants

Another pair of hockey pants we will be looking at is the Bauer Nexus N9000.

Bauer Nexus N9000 Hockey Pants

Despite the low price point on the Nexus N9000, these are a high quality pair of hockey skates. You will get the same features for protection that you can get from more expensive models. The spine of the pants is made using molded HD foam, which is the more traditional material that was used in hockey pants.

There is also a revamped extension fit system, replacing zippers with suspender loops, which will let you keep your pants up when they might fall down. There are zippers located on the thigh, but those are designed to allow you to get your pants off over your skates without too much trouble.

The Nexus N9000 comes with the Bauer Thermomax liner. This liner transfers the heat and moisture from the pants, helping keep both them and you as cool as possible on the ice. The shell of the pants is made up of 840D, which is durable kind of nylon, but it might not be durable enough to take on another elite soccer player. The durability is mostly in the high traffic areas, giving you the security of durability with the flexibility level that you need in order to be agile when you are out on the ice. You do not want to find your movements are limited due to a lack of flexibility from your hockey pants.

  • 2-ergonomic pads
  • Molded dome construction for hip protection
  • Molded HD foam with PE insert
  • HD foam inserts on waistband design
  • Thigh zipper for easy on, easy off with skates
  • Not a high level of protection for advanced players

8. Warrior Covert QRE Pro SE Hockey Girdle

Hockey Girdle

For players that prefer the girdle style of hockey pants, you can’t go wrong with the Warrior Covert QRE Pro SE pants. This hockey girdle supplies a lot of protection and mobility throughout it, ensuring that you are both comfortable and safe during a game.

Warrior Covert QRE Hockey Girdle

The design of the Covert QRE Pro girdle includes a tapered fit, which is more tailored with excellent quality. It also has a Wartech FNC liner that will help keep you as cool and dry as possible, ensuring that you are not going to find yourself uncomfortable out on the ice.

Protection-wise, this girdle has premium leg and hip protection as well as AxyFlex kidney and spine protection. This will keep your organs and muscles as safe as possible from wayward sticks, falls, or collisions out on the ice. Despite the protection, you will still find that you have a high level of mobility wearing this girdle, and should be able to rotate and move without trouble.

  • Wartech FNC Liner
  • Covert Taper Fit
  • AxyFlex Kidney and Spine Protection
  • Premium Leg and Hip Protection
  • Minimus Outer Shell
  • The pads above the thighs have a tendency to curl up

9. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Pants

Junior Hockey Pants

The best junior hockey pants are the Bauer Supreme 2 S Pro hockey pants. These are made for high performance and will work well with advanced and elite skaters.

Bauer Supreme 2S Junior Hockey Pants

The Supreme 2S pants have an anatomical design, including a natural, close fit that will act more like a second skin rather than uncomfortable hockey pants.

This makes it a lot easier to move around int. They are also lightweight and should be easy to wear. These pants also have a pro level 8400 nylon shell, which is what makes them so lightweight. This shell is what you will also find in the pants that the professionals wear.

The Supreme 2S pants also feature the Curv composite protection that you can expect from Bauer. Combine that with the HD foams and you will find that you have added protection in the most important areas. These do have a snug fit, but do have an inch extension to allow for more adjustments.

  • Pro level nylon shell
  • Lightweight
  • Curv composite protection
  • Thermo core liner
  • HD foams for added protection
  • Snug fit might be hard for some kids to wear

10. CCM Tacks AS1 Hockey Pants

Youth Hockey Pants

If you are looking for the best youth hockey pants, we suggest the CCM Tacks AS1 pants. These pants offer a high level of both comfort and protection, which is essential when you are shopping for a young player.

CCM Tacks AS1 Youth Hockey Pants

The AS1 pants are made with 200D nylon with 400D pro-level reinforcement. This means that the pants are sturdy and will not tear. They should also repel water relatively well. They also have an e-fit internal belt and an external belt that can be adjusted using the length adjusting zipper.

Looking at the pants protection, the AS2 pants have PE inserts in the thigh guard, which offers elite impact protection along the thighs and hips. Combined with the floating spine protector, you should feel secure with your children wearing these.

The spine protection also has D3O smart material in the tail bone pad, protecting them if they happen to fall like that. The D3O impact and shock absorption technology will make impacts safer than ever while still maintaining a high level of comfort.

  • Elite level materials
  • Snug fit
  • Elite impact protection
  • Spine protector
  • Comfortable
  • Can be a little bit difficult to move around in

11. Warrior Covert QR Edge Hockey Pants

The Warrior Covert QR Edge pants offer a high level of mobility with a good fit.

Warrior Covert QR Hockey Pants

The fit of the QR Edge pants is tailored, designed to mimic the fit that pros need and expect from their pants. This design will help your skating posture, making it seem more natural, which will take any unnecessary stress off of your hips and spine.

The QR Edge has a minimalistic form fitting design, which will let you stay mobile and agile on the ice. These pants will not get in your way or bother you during a game or practice. These are a great choice for growing players or anyone who might need an adjustment in the length since they come with a zippered gusset that allows a one-inch leg extension.

The gussets are also stretchy that will let you get your skates on before you put your pants on if you need to or take your pants off before you take your skates off.

Protection on the ice matters and the QR Edge will deliver. These pants come with AxyFlex protection, which will protect your kidneys and your spine while still allowing you the ability to move freely. With medium density foam reinforcement, you will also get protection for your tailbone and your hips and thighs.

The outer shell of the QR Edge pants is a mix of premium denier nylon waves, giving you a lightweight pant that is still stretchy and strong. The liner is made from a Polygiene material, keeping your legs cool and dry by reducing sweat and controlling your temperature.

  • Tailored pro fit for better posture
  • AxyFlex protection
  • Premium denier nylon weaves
  • Zippered gusset for 1-inch leg extension
  • Polygiene Wartech FNC liner

12. Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Ice Hockey Pants

If you are looking for a high performance hockey pants, you can’t go wrong with the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite hockey pants. These are part of the Bauer family, which is already well-known for its amazing hockey products.

Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Pants

These pants do a good job of combining comfort and protection, with a Curv composite free flex independent spine. The composite material offers a high level of protection while still giving you a lightweight and free-moving feel to the pants. Both the kidney guards and the lower thigh guards are made up for HyperLite HD foam. The foam works both as protection and as a means to wick water away from your skin, keeping you dry and preventing your pants from developing a smell.

The outer shell of the pants is made from 840 Denier Nylon, which is incredibly durable, giving you the longevity you would hope to get from a Bauer product. There is also a belt adjustment with these pants, allowing you to loosen or tighten them as you might need to in order to get the best fit.

You will also get an even more adjustable fit with these pants due to the skate lace closure and the side release buckle, allowing you to get in and out of them without having to remove your skates.

These pants are meant for advanced or elite players who need something lightweight and agile. You will find that the Aerolite 2.0 hip pads have a specific and tapered design meant to help improve your performance.

  • Dual density cover belt
  • Skate lace closure and side release buckle
  • Additional inch of extension fit
  • Curve composite free flex spine
  • Hyperlite HD foam protection in the thigh guards
  • All of the adjustments risks the pants not fitting as snugly as they could fit

Hockey Pants Sizing

Hockey Pants Sizing Chart

Your hockey pants need to be the right size and fit or you might run into unexpected issues with them when you are in the rink.

How Should They Fit

Your hockey pants should be snug around the waist, ensuring that they will not slip down as you move around the ice. If you are not comfortable with a tighter fit or are still concerned, there are suspenders available to keep the pants up. On the upside, your suspenders could be that touch of style ;p

What Size Do I Need

Hockey pants usually range in size from XS all the way up to XXL. Sizes vary greatly between brands, so you cannot just guess your size. Some pants actually come in European sizes, which you might not be used to. You should always use a sizing chart to make sure that the size you are getting is right for you.

How Long Should They Be

The end of your pants should be about to the top of your kneecap when you are standing with your legs straight. You do not want your pants to be too long or your mobility will be limited and let’s face it, you don’t want to trip over them.

After all, there is enough on the ice to keep you on your toes. If they are too short, you will not have the right level of protection for your legs.

Senior Hockey Pants Sizing

Senior hockey pants normally come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. The small size is made for skaters who are between 5’4” and 5’9”. The average waist for smalls is 28” to 32”.

The medium pants are for skaters who are 5’7” to 5’10” with a waist between 32” and 36”. Large size is for taller players, between 5’9” and 6’1” with a 34” to 38” waist. Finally, the extra-large size is for players over 6’1” with a waist that is 36” to 40”.

It is better to get a size based off of how they fit you, not to assume that the sizing will align with how your regular pants fit you or the size that you typically wear.

Junior Hockey Pants Sizing

Looking at the sizing for junior hockey pants, you will notice they come in the same sizes that senior hockey pants do: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The small pants are for hockey players who are 4’3” to 4’8” with a waist of 23” to 25”.

Medium junior hockey pants are for players who are 4’7” to 5’1” with a waist between 24” to 27”. The large junior hockey pants are for skaters between 5’0” and 5’5” with a waist of 26” to 28”.

Since these are typically worn by young hockey players between the age of 7 and 12, you want to make sure that they are comfortable enough for a child to wear, but don’t get them so big that his/her gameplay will be impacted.

Youth Hockey Pants Sizing

The last type of hockey pant sizing is youth sizes. These are for the youngest players and they also come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. The youth small hockey pants are for players who are 3’3” and 3’7” with a waist between 20” and 22”.

The medium pants are for skaters who are between 3’7” and 4’3” with a waist between 20” and 22”. The large youth pants are made for skaters between 3’10” and 4’6” with a waist between 22” and 24”. Finally, the extra-large pants are for skaters between 4’2” and 4’7” and a waist between 22” and 24”.

There is quite a height range in these pants, so you really want to make sure that the young hockey skater in your life will not be hindered by long pants.

Hockey Pants Components

All quality hockey pants should come with four major components: a tailbone pad, kidney pads, quadriceps pads, and hip pads. Each pad has its own job and is important to your overall protection. The level of protection that you will receive from each competent depends on the make of the pants themselves.

If you have the best fit, then these protections will be in the right locations to do their job. If your pants do not fit you well, the protection will not be securely in place. If they are too big, for example, the pants might be too far down your body to do their job. If your pants are too small, the top of your knee might be exposed and put you in a danger of injury.

Hockey Pants vs Hockey Girdles

It might be a little confusing to come upon the term “girdle” in context of hockey gear, but they are just another type of hockey pant. Normally, hockey pants are fairly loose, fitting snugly around the waist or held up with suspenders. Some can be snug, but they are still relatively loose.

Hockey girdles, on the other hand, have an element of compression to them. They do have padding like the pants do, but the padding is more obvious since the girdles fit you tightly. It all comes down to personal preference as to which is the best choice for you.

Are There Different Types Of Fit (Snug vs. Mid. vs Wide)?

There are three major fits with hockey pants. Different brands offer different fits, with some having either snug, mid, and wide fits.

Wider fits are the more traditional pant fit and are designed to give you the best protection possible. You will find this fit with lines like CCM Super Tacks.

A snug fit is referred to as an anatomical fit. This is closer to the body, giving you great mobility and flexibility. Mid fits are somewhere in between. The right fit for you depends on what your comfort level is and what works best for your style of play.

Final Words

The best hockey pants that you can get are the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro hockey pants. These are tailored pants that are not only protective, but comfortable as well. If you prefer a snugger fit than the pants offer, you can do with the Warrior Covert QRE girdle.

The two are comparable in protection and comfort as well as both being of a high quality.

While there are more budget-friendly options on the market, the Warrior pants both offer exactly what you need and should be able to expect from high-quality hockey gear. Never settle for pants that are less; your protection is far too important.

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