CCM vs Bauer Skates (Vapor vs Ribcor, Supreme vs JetSpeed, Nexus vs Tacks)

Looking at CCM vs Bauer skates, you will find that they are the best-known and most popular hockey skates.

In fact, it can be overwhelming to try to decipher which model of which brand would be the right choice for you. Let’s be honest, when comparing Bauer vs CCM skates, you get great quality and both will deliver on results.

It is easy to get lost in the sea of options and try to discern which skates might be the right choice for you.

We have broken down the popular lines of each brand to help you deduce which models of skates would be the best hockey skates for you.

Bauer Vapor vs Supreme vs Nexus Skates Fit

Bauer Vapor vs Supreme vs Nexus

While all Bauer skates are good quality, there are differences between them all. To begin with the Vapor line is made to be a low-volume, narrower fit. These skates have a tapered fit and a standard toe box.

Meanwhile, the Supreme line has a more medium fit, so they are more anatomical in both your toe and heel, giving you a more natural feeling.

The Nexus skates are meant for wider feet or skaters who prefer a little more room.

CCM Ribcor vs Jetspeed vs Tacks Skates Fit

CCM Ribcor vs JetSpeed vs Tacks

Like the Bauer lines, the CCM lines all have differences. The Ribcor line is a narrower, snug-fitting boot that is intended to make the skates feel more like they are part of you.

There is a little more toe room in the Jetspeed line, but they do have a heel lock, so your foot will not be sliding all around.

The Tacks skates are the widest of the bunch, working well for skaters with a high profile foot or wider forefoot.

Bauer Vapor vs CCM Ribcor

The Bauer Vapor and CCM Ribcor models are two of the most popular lines of hockey skates that you can get. Both lines are made for players who need speed. This means that the skates need to allow for a quick acceleration as well as a quick deceleration.

Fit-wise, the Ribcor skates have a flexible boot, which will help deliver the most powerful strides possible. The Ribcor skates are also narrower with a tapered cut to eliminate any excess space within the boot.

Meanwhile, the Vapor line is also a flexible boot, but it has a low cut, low profile foot bed. Overall, the boot is higher than the Ribcor. It also has a snug fit, eliminating any excess space as well.

Generally, both skates are for aggressive skaters and both are made to have intense speeds. Here, you will need to choose which skate fits you better as both have the same attributes.

#1. Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

Editor’s Choice

Our choice of the best skates between the Vapor and Ribcor lines is the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro. They have an increased level of stiffness compared to other skates, offering you more stability and better overall performance. They also have a Lock-Fit, which will keep your foot exactly in place, allowing the skate to be an extension of your leg.

#2. Bauer Vapor X600

Budget Friendly

For a more budget-friendly version within the Vapor line, we suggest the Bauer Vapor X600. While they are not as rigid as the X800, they still offer a high level of stiffness and support. These are a better match for more intermediate players who do not need the high performance you get from the more expensive models.

Bauer Supreme vs CCM Jetspeed

The Bauer Supreme and CCM Jetspeed skates are comparable lines. Both lines are made for powerful and strong players who need a little extra space in their boots.

The CCM Jetspeed skates have a narrow boot with a secure heel lock to keep your foot in place. This will increase the power of your stride as there is no energy loss as you push. They are also stiff and stable.

The Bauer Supreme line is also made for a power player, but the design is bigger than the Jetspeed line. The Supreme skates seem better suited for defensemen and players who have larger or wider feet.

Both of these skate lines have higher toe boxes, which will give more room than other models. They also have a higher level of protection than other skates that are of a similar quality, which is good for players who are often in corners.

#1. Bauer Supreme 2S

Editor’s Choice

Our choice for the best hockey skates between the Supreme and Jetspeed lines is the Bauer Supreme 2S. These are high-end, high performance skates that are both powerful and lightweight. The quarter package on these boots allows for an excellent torsional stiffness as well as a custom fit around your foot. 

#2. CCM Jetspeed FT470

Budget Friendly

For a budget friendly pair of skates between the Jetspeed and the Supreme, we recommend the CCM Jetspeed FT470. These skates use high-end features without the high-end price tag. They have reinforced, vented, and injected outsoles to improve the energy of your strides as well as pro-styled protection.

Bauer Nexus vs CCM Tacks

There are a lot of similarities between the Bauer Nexus and CCM Tacks skate lines. They are both made for traditional two-way, defensive and offensive players. They are built for players who need both responsiveness and support.

The CCM Tacks line provides a high level of boot volume and stiffness, which will accommodate higher profile feet with a more anatomical fit. This means there is a little more room in the boots, but not as wide as the Nexus skates are.

The Bauer Nexus, on the other hand, has the largest boot volume all-around. They also have the stiffest boot profile of any of the Bauer lines. They have a classic fit, meaning it is wide all throughout the boot.

Both of these skates will work for wider feet, but the Nexus is naturally a wide-width boot, so it is something to keep in mind when trying them out. 

#1. CCM Super Tacks AS1

Editor’s Choice

Between the Nexus and Tacks lines, we recommend the CCM Super Tacks AS1. These skates have some of the most advanced and innovative technology that is currently available. They have pro-level features with maximum stiffness and energy transfer as well as a built-in vent to keep your feet dry.

#2. Bauer Nexus N2700

Budget Friendly

For a more affordable pair of skates between the Nexus and Tacks lines, we suggest the Bauer Nexus N2700. These are a great choice for intermediate players who like a high-volume skate and pro-level features without the pro-level price, including a customized fit, dry comfort, and stride power.

Final Words 

Comparing such high level skates as CCM vs Bauer can look a little like comparing apples to apples. But remember that both brands do have their pros and cons. Knowing which lines to look at can help point you in the right direction and get you in the skates that you really need.

Whether you have wide feet or narrow feet, are a defenseman or forward, you need to have skates that fit you and work with your position to give you both comfort and performance. Try on models of both brands to really get an idea of which are the perfect hockey skates for you.

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