Comparing Figure Skates By Fit & Design

Not all figure skates fit the same or even function for the same purpose. That is why it is so important to find a pair of figures skates that fit you well and do what you need them to do. 

Your skates need to fit your foot type as well as your size in order for you to master your figure skating skills. After all, the skates are really meant to be an extension of your feet. But how can you know which figure skates are the right choice for you?

We are going to take a look at the different designs and fits of the best figure skating brands to help you find the perfect pair for you.


  • Shape: Elongated rectangle
  • Fit: These skates are best for narrow feet with an average arch.
  • Design: Riedell skates have a tapered toe box and have low-level boots with no added arch support. They fit feet well with a taper down from the big toe.


  • Shape: Inverted triangle
  • Fit: These skates work well with medium to narrow feet with a medium to high arch.
  • Design: Jackson skates are wide and rounded at the toe box with a narrow heel. There is a medium instep with extra padding around the ankle area to support the Achilles tendon. Toes that taper slightly at a downward angle will be most comfortable with these skates.


  • Shape: Tapered “D” shape
  • Fit: These skates work well for medium to narrow feet and a medium arch.
  • Design: Botas skates are designed in the classic style, with a narrow toe, medium arch, and locked-in heel. They fit feet that have toes that taper downward toward the big toe.


  • Shape: Rounded “D” shape
  • Fit: These work well for narrow to medium feet because of the tapered toe box.
  • Design: The Risport skates use a thin sole for better blade control. They are made to be incredibly lightweight and easy to use. These skates also work well with feet that have a gradual taper to the big toe.


  • Shape: Tapered and elongated “D”
  • Fit:  These are versatile skates and will work well for any foot type.
  • Design: The design of these skates focuses on the lightweight technology that you should be able to expect from modern figure skates. They fit all foot types well.


  • Shape: Standard model has an elongated “D,” but the X-line has a rounded toe box
  • Fit: These skates generally work with most figure skaters. The Standard line is for medium to narrow feet while the X-line is better for wider feet or skaters who prefer a wide toe box.
  • Design: The Harlick figure skates are made to order, so they can be custom fit to meet your specific skating needs. This includes added arch support, padding, and even the material that your tongue is made out of.


  • Shape: Inverted and rounded triangle
  • Fit: Medium to high arches with a medium to narrow heel offers the best fit.
  • Design: These skates have a high and rounded toe box. They also have a high vertical arch and are wider in the transition from toe to heel when compared to other brands.


  • Shape: Inverted and rounded rectangle
  • Fit: Gam works best for medium to high arches and a medium to narrow heel.
  • Design: The Gam skates have a wide toe box and a high vertical arch. They are wider from toe to heel with a special lacing system in place to prevent lace bite on your instep.

You should have a good idea about the type of width that you would need of shoes. Using the guide above, you can find a model in a brand you know and love that will fit your needs perfectly.

Ideally, you should try on figure skates first in order to get a good idea about which skates would work best for you, but if you order online, just pay close attention to the return policy as well as all of your skating needs as well as the pertinent size guides.

Don’t stick with a figure skating brand only because you have heard of it. Instead, choose a brand whose skates will serve you well as you further develop your skating skills.

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