Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2020)

Having wide feet can make getting the right fit for shoes and skates trickier than people with narrower or regular width feet. We are going to break down the best hockey skates for wide feet to help you find the perfect pair for you.

Regardless of your foot size, however, you need to make sure that your hockey skates are comfortable and fit you properly.

If your skates are too tight, you will find yourself having a harder time to skate well and you will be left with sore feet. 

It doesn’t matter how high quality the skates are, if they are not the right size, they will never be the right fit. With the right fit, the best hockey skates for wide feet can change the outcome of your game by improving your overall game and ability.

New Bauer Performance Fit System Explained 

Bauer Performance Skate Fit

In 2020, Bauer announced that they were changing the way that their skates fit, moving to a new performance fit system. 

The biggest advantage of this change is that skaters can now choose their skates not just on the width of the skate, but they can choose them on their performance level as well.

Previously, skaters with wide feet had more limited options, as they purchased skates based on how well they fit rather than the position they played or how they skated.

Now, even skaters of all foot widths have access to the various lines. The Vapor line is made for skaters looking for more speed. The Supreme line is better for skaters who have longer strides and those who want to optimize their range of motion.

The Nexus line has been removed, because it really had not been keeping up with the other lines as far as technology went, so now, you will get to choose between the Vapor or Supreme, even with wide feet.

What's Your Foot Type?

There are four primary types of foot types: narrow, regular, wide, and extra wide. You might have an idea of what your foot type is, but you should be sure before committing to a type of hockey skate.

Normally, the width that you buy your regular shoes or sneakers in is the same width that you should be buying in your hockey skates. If you fit well in regular width running shoes, for example, the regular fit, or D/R width, hockey skates should be right for you.

Your foot type is also affected by how old you are and what category your street shoes are in. If you wear a men’s size 7 or higher, you will fit into senior skates. If you wear a boy’s size 2 to 6.5, you will wear junior skates and if you wear anything 1.5 or less, you will be in youth sizes.

6 Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2020)


Skill Level



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1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro

Editor's Choice




2. CCM Super Tacks AS3

High Performance




3. Bauer Vapor X2.9

Budget Friendly




4. Bauer Supreme 3S

For Beginners




5. CCM Super Tacks 9380




6. Bauer Nexus 2N




Editor's Tip - SuperFeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insole

If your feet are sore after a game or practice, or you are generally noticing more foot pain, one solution is to use the SuperFeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insole (Check Price Here).

These have a low-profile design that helps keep your foot stabilized within your hockey boot. Not only will your feet feel better, but your skating might improve.

1. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best hockey skates for wide feet is the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro. These skates go up to a FIT3, but you can get narrower widths and volumes as well, ensuring that you will get the right fit for your needs.

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates


The design of the Supreme 3S Pro includes a power cut, which is there to increase the wrap for optimal foot stability. That will increase your stride efficiency and reduce the typical fatigue you get from skating.

The footbed is a Lock Fit, which will help keep your foot right where it should be. The skates themselves will provide a high level of comfort, which is enhanced by the Reflex tendon Guard, the Reflex tongue, and Standard Facing. These design elements will not only increase the comfort, but also your performance.

It is important to note that the FIT3 option that is available for this skate offers not only just wide width, but also high volume. The other fits will have lower volumes and narrower widths, giving you a lot of option without losing out on the performance features of the skates.


The Supreme 3S is thermoformable, so it can be heated to make it a more customized fit without having to go through a period of break-in time. The skate blade holder is a Lightspeed Pulse TI Edge.

The Power Profile feature that comes with it will help you maintain your speed and a powerful stride. The Power Profile is a 4-zoned radii, which is also called a quad profile, helping with four different movements.

These skates have an 80 flex rating as well, which is really nice for more elite skaters who have a lot of experience, because they are stiff with a high level of stability, which more inexperienced players would have a hard time with. The skates themselves are incredibly lightweight, so they should be easy to wear for long periods of time without causing any unnecessary fatigue.

  • 3D Lasted Curv Composite
  • Thermoformable
  • Power cut
  • 80 flex rating
  • Premium grade steel
  • We didn’t find any

2. CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Hockey Skates

High Performance

If you are looking more for a high performance pair of hockey skates for wide feet, look no further than the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro. This line of CCM’s is still the medium fit design as far as volume goes, but they do come in EE wide sizing.

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Hockey Skates


The design of the Super Tacks AS3 Pro includes a revolutionary one-piece MonoFrame book. The MonoFrame is a one-piece carbon composite that will help with energy transfer and fit, but it also has the added benefit of helping to make the boots be as lightweight as possible.

The boots also have a custom feel that comes from the XS Tongue. The tongue is there for both comfort and protection, but perhaps the nicest design feature of these skates is the fact that you can change out the tongue. If you would like a tongue with more or less padding, you only need to swap it out.


Moving onto the performance features that you will get with the Super Tacks AS3 skates, they comes with the CCM DuraZone abrasion pads. The pads will extend the life of the liner, which is especially nice if you happen to wear your shin guards under the tongue. There is also a Total Dri-Pro liner that will wick any water away from your feet, helping to keep them dry and blister-free.

This model of skate is different than its predecessor in a few ways, one of which is the Ortholite UltraLite footbed. This is a streamlined approach to the footbed, which helps to keep the skates as light as possible. The moisture is also released out of the bottom of the boot, so there is no water pooling anywhere, ensuring that your feet will stay dry.

Finally, with these skates you will get a positive-lock mechanism called the Xchange System. This will secure the blade to the holder, but also makes it simple to change out your blades.

  • One-piece carbon composite MonoFrame
  • Anatomical formfitting support
  • Speedblade XS blade holder
  • DuraZone Abrasion Protection
  • Total Dri Pro Liner

3. Bauer Vapor X2.9 Ice Hockey Skates

Budget Friendly

When you are working with a budget, you still deserve to have high quality hockey skates. For players looking to save some cash, check out the Bauer Vapor X2.9 skates.

These are really great for a player who skates 2 to 3 times a week and are looking more for a skate that performs well, but is also comfortable.

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Skates


Let’s start with the design of the Bauer Vapor X2.9. These skates have a low-profile design, which will give you an enhanced fit. It also means that they are more designed for an intermediate-level player, rather than an elite player.

These skates also have the PerformFlex System, which helps with its 3D Lasted Tech Mesh quarter package. The construction also includes thermoformability, so you will be able to reduce the amount of time that it takes to break in the skates by baking them.

These skates also come with the new FIT3 option of sizing. The FIT3 skates have not only more width, but also more volume, making sure there is plenty of space to accommodate your feet with comfort.


The Vapor X2.9 comes with a lot of great features. These skates use the Bauer TuukLightspeed Edge holder, which is exclusive to Bauer. It will add a little extra height to your skates, increasing your overall performance on the ice. While the holder is great, the included blade is not as high of quality.

The skates also have the hydrophobic microliner, which will not only give you a high level of support, but it also helps manage the moisture within your boot, keeping your feet as dry as possible. The Form-Fit+ footbed will help to give your feet a soft feel while still securing your feet within the boot.

Finally, the skates come with the Comfort Edge and Aero Foam padding, which will mold around your feet well, acting like your feet were made for the skates. You should not have any comfort issues or blisters from these skates.

  • Low-profile design
  • PerformFlex System
  • 3D Lasted Tech Mesh
  • Form-Fit+ Footbed
  • TuukLightspeed Edge holder
  • Blade quality is not high

4. Bauer Supreme 3S Hockey Skates

For Beginners

For the perfect hockey skates for beginners, you should check out the Bauer Supreme 3S. While they might have some similarities to the Supreme 3S Pro skates, these are made for less experienced players than the Pro version.

Bauer Supreme 3S Hockey Skates


The Supreme 3S skates are designed with Motion Flex, which is a fiber composite boot. This will allow players who are learning the sport the ability to move their knees over the toes with added support. Since this position is incredibly important if you hope to play well, having the extra movement will really help with the development of skills.

The design also offers a power cut. This will provide skaters with an increased wrap for better stability. The more stability that you get from the skates, the more powerful you will be on the ice. The skates themselves are supposed to be very comfortable, combining the stiffness in the lower portion of the skate, but keeping it light.

Looking at their sizing, the Supreme 3S skates do go up to FIT3, which is both width with and high volume, ensuring there is plenty of room for your feet.


The Bauer Supreme 3S skates come with Bauer’s Power Profile known as a 4-zoned radii. This is called the Quad profile and it means that the blade’s shape has 4 set zones, so there will be different results depending on where you are placing the pressure and force while skating. This will help with speed, control, and turning.

These skates also have a high grade LS+ stainless steel blade that will increase your overall height on the skates while helping you maintain your stride out on the ice. It is really nice for balancing as well, if you are just getting the feel of skating.

Since these skates have a flex rating of 70, you know that they are made for less experienced players who need a little more give to their skates than an elite player would.

  • 4-Zoned Radii
  • Motion Flex
  • Fiber composite boot
  • 48 ounce Felt Tongue
  • Flex Rating of 70
  • Difficult to mold

5. CCM Super Tacks 9380 Hockey Skates

Another one of the best lines of skates that you can get for wide feet is the CCM Super Tacks 9380. These are a type of skate that more elite players would be comfortable skating with, even though these are not the highest end of the market skates.

CCM Super Tacks 9380 Hockey Skates


There are a lot of great design elements with the CCM Super Tacks 9380. They have the pro-level Total-Dri linger. This includes a dual-zone texture that will help with comfort, but also help your foot lock into the boot. With that level of stability, you will be able to perform better on your skates.

The skates also have DuraZone abrasion patches that will increase the overall lifespan of the skate’s liner, while also helping to keep the water off of your feet. The boot of the skate is a MetaFrame RFM lightweight composite boot, which will ensure that you do not experience unnecessary fatigue while skating.

Looking at the sizes that you will get from these skates, they go all the way up to EE in width, which is an extra-wide sizing. That means you can also go narrower than that, ensuring that you will be able to get skates that fit your feet perfectly.


Looking at the features of the skate, you should know that they are thermoformable, so you will be able to mold them through baking. This will reduce the break-in period of the skates and get you up and comfortable in a matter of minutes. They are not stiff, however.

The skates also have the SpeedBlade XS holder. This is a system made by CCM that will help you swap out your blades easily. It uses a positive-lock mechanism that will secure the blade, but also pop it right out when your need to.

Finally, with these skates you will get the dual-density tone that will offer reinforcement layers that will reduce your risk of lace-bite.

  • MetaFrame RFM lightweight composite boot
  • Injected smooth comfort pad
  • Total Dri Pro Liner
  • DuraZone Abrasion Protection
  • XS Stainless steel runner
  • The boot is not stiff enough for experienced players

6. Bauer Nexus 2N Ice Hockey Skates

This is a high-volume skate that is ideal for the more advanced hockey player who is going to be out on the ice often. These might not be the best choice for a casual skater.

Bauer Nexus 2N


Designed for anatomical comfort, the Nexus 2N has a 3D fiber composite quarter package, making the boot itself stiff. The fiber composite outsole also offers improved rigidity, ensuring that the anatomical design remains. The composite also helps increase torsional resistance.

Looking more at the comfort of the skate, the Nexus 2N comes with a 48 oz, 20piece black felt tongue with an upgraded lace bite guard. The material of the tongue has a mid-density metatarsal guard for the best protection against impact.


On the inside, you will find a memory foam ankle pad that will be able to prevent any slippage within the boot, preventing blisters. There is also the Bauer form-fit footbed, which will mold to your foot over time, ensuring you have the best fit possible

As is the case with most Bauer skates, the Nexus 2N comes with the Tuuk stainless steel runner, and it is a higher grade than the N2700 was with improved edge retention and durability. Tuuk’s runners will also make you stand slightly taller on the ice, giving you better turns and control over how you move across the ice.

With the combination of comfort and high performance, it should be clear that the Bauer Nexus 2N is the best pair of hockey skates that you can get.

  • 48 oz pro-styled tongue for reinforced protection
  • Hydra Max 2 liner for the best dry comfort
  • Form Fit+ footbed with memory foam padding
  • Tuuk LS3 runner for a stronger edge
  • CURV composite boot for a pro-level performance
  • We didn't find any!

How To Size Your Hockey Skates

Hockey Skates Sizing Wide Feet

You might already know that you have wide feet, but you should also make sure that you understand what a good fit should be. To begin with, you will have to identify what your foot type is, whether it is narrow, regular, wide or extra wide.

The typical labels on hockey skates are:

D/ R Regular Fit
E / W = Wide Fit
EE = Extra Wide Fit

If you are still not certain about what type of skates you should get, you can measure your feet to be sure. Check out the thickness of both your feet and ankles as well as the width from toe to toe.

We will help you figure out your foot type below. Once you have confirmed what your foot type is, you will have to take into consideration what your level of play is.

If you are a competitive player or a recreational player, or even an aggressive or more casual player, you will not need the same type of skate.

Is There A Difference Between Wide Feet Skates And Flat Feet Skates?

While they are often lumped together, there is a difference between wide feet skates and flat feet skates. Wide feet are defined by having a wider toebox than a standard width of skates. As a result, wide skates are built wider in the toebox to ensure that your feet are comfortable.

Meanwhile, flat feet skates are made for skaters who have fallen or low arches in their feet. This has nothing to do with the width of your feet, but instead means that you need skates that have a larger support. More supportive skates will lift the fallen arch, protecting the rest of your feet while you skate.

Final Verdict

When it comes to looking for the best hockey skates for wide feet that are also the newest and best designs, the clear winner is the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro. 

These skates are excellent for experienced skaters who really want that competitive edge over their competition.

If you are after skates that are a little more high performance, you might be happier with the Super Tacks AS3 Pro, whereas beginning skaters might be better off with the Supreme 3S.

Regardless, if you have wide feet, make sure you are buying wide skates. Otherwise, you are just setting yourself up for poor performance and discomfort.

22 thoughts on “Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet (2020)”

  1. We have a daughter with a 7 EE. Currently has the CCM rib core 64k. They’re comfortable but seem to be too large in the ankle. Just tried the Bauer S29 but they were killing her on the ice today. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Dona,

      Have you tried CCM Tacks line? They’re very comfortable and designed for wider feet. I have CCM Tacks myself and love them.

  2. so i can skate a little, very novice tho and looking to start a hockey camp with my son- i used to sell snowboard boots and know how important footwear and comfort is in relation to enjoying the sport- 1: how snug and long should a boot fit? should my toes be able to barely brush the end of the insole comfortably without being crammed? 2: i have a wide 2E foot, and I’m ok with spending in the 200-350 range for skates- any recommendations (especially between the bauer nexus and the ccm tacks)

    • Hey Josh,

      Yeah, go for it man! Hockey is awesome!

      To answer your questions.

      1) Exactly as you’re saying

      2) Go either with Bauer Nexus N2700 or CCM Tacks 9070. I personally have CCM Tacks and love them so I’m gonna say go with Tacks 9070. Also, don’t forget to buy the EE width.


  3. Hi Shawn,

    I bought a pair of Nexus 9.5D skates. After a couple minutes it felt like i was standing on brook stick handles (the ends) and hurt pretty bad. I do have a custom shoe orthotics but they couldnt fit into these skates. I wear US11E with the inserts. I also have no arch to my feet and also have plantar fasciitis symptoms but with the inserts they are alleviated. Would you recommend the 2Ns for me? I will definitely get EE for the width as well.

    thanks for any help!!

    • Hey Shane,

      Yeah, Nexus 2N (EE) is the best option for you I think. Alternatively, CCM tacks 9080/9090 or even CCM Super Tacks AS1 (depending on your budget) are high volume skates that should fit in your custom orthotics easily while being high-performance skates.


  4. Thank you very much for your response Shawn. I will definitely look into these and pick one up. I am very excited to be able to skate with my kids 🙂

    thanks again!

  5. So I recently bought the CCM Jetspeed FT 470 and the heel lock and over all foot dimensions are perfect. My toes brush the tip just enough but one issue is that my big toe pushes against the side of the toe box right at the corner of my toe nail area causing pain while skating hard. I assume there is no way to fix the toe box area. Would you recommend the supreme line? or anyother line that has a wider toe box?

  6. Hello Shawn. I am struggling really bad with pain in my feet while skating. Went to a shop and did a scan of my feet. According to the machine I am suppose to use a Bauer Vapor skate. I have narrow feet but I also have flat feet. At the minute I have Bauer Supreme and Bauer NSF, I get serious pain under my foot within minutes. Tried to tie them loose, hard, insoles etc but nothing works. Have two kids I want to skate with and would love to find skates that will work for my flat feet. Can you help me. Kind regards Michel

    • Hi Michel,

      Sorry to hear that man :/ Have you tried Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insole? If that doesn’t help, visit your local chiropractor or podiatrist and they will get you custom orthotics that should do the job.

  7. Hi Shawn,

    Trying to decide between a couple pairs of skates and wondering if you can help. I purchased the Nexus 2N and Supreme 2S (the $600 option, not the $900 pro) to compare the width and feel. I have wide feet, and wear a size 11.5 shoe which matches with a 10 skate, which is what I purchased. However, I know that Bauer is owned by Nike and I normally have to wear a 12 in Nikes due to my wider feet.

    I tried them both on last night, and oddly the Supremes felt like the wider and better fitting skate. The one issue I felt with the supremes is that they feel slightly shallow when they’re laced up. Is that something that can be minimized after they are heat molded?

    My toes touched the ends on both skates, however it was much more noticeable and uncomfortable in the Nexus pair. They just barely touch in the supremes. Also, it seemed that the nexus pair was extremely tight around the ankle compared to the Supremes, and there is a gap between my achilles and the boot when I’m laced up. Although, it feels and looks like my heel is all the way back.

    Do you have any suggestions? I am having a hard time believing that the Supremes are the better fit for my wide feet even though that’s what I’m feeling when trying them on. I typically shy away from EE sized skates because I’ve heard that they aren’t a good option unless your heel is also very wide. I am planning on sending the nexus pair back to try a 10.5 D size, and keeping the current size 10 D supremes to compare with the larger nexus pair.

    Thank you!

  8. Shawn,

    I have been playing on/off for about 2 1/2 years but have not made significant progress and I do notice that I get excruciating pain to the arch with CCM Ribcor Maxx (size 8) with and without the super feet. It has improved slightly after having them heated, punched and stretched out about 3 -4 times. My feet are moderately wide and somewhat flat and at 52 years old , I love to spend time with my sons on the ice (about 2xs/ week).
    Im thinking the Ribcor was too narrow and crushing my feet as did a pair of Vapors I had.
    Any advice or thoughts on how to proceed? Was looking at Bauer Supreme skates hoping it would relieve some pain to at least allow me to skate a bit harder and longer. Also, Is a “E” width skate much wider than a “D” and do you think it would help?
    Thanks ,


  9. HI!
    My son has been using Bauer S180’s for the last two pairs (he’s a 16AAA), most recently in an 8.5D. Unfortunately you can’t get those great skates any more. He finds the 2s Pro’s in a 9D uncomfortable, and the 2s Pro’s in a EE too short. I fear the 9EE (if I could get them) would be loose.
    What’s the best modern equivalent of the s180?


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