Best Ice Skates For Beginners (2023) – Beginner Ice Skates

Across the US and Canada, millions of people regularly ice skate and this demand has led to a vast market for ice skates with many options for you to choose from.

Whether you are a recreational skater, aspiring hockey player or figure skater, finding the best ice skates for beginners is a tricky task.

We’re here to help you navigate the market and find the best value ice skates in 2022.

The purpose of beginner skates is to provide a comfortable fit with good stability and control on the ice.

As a result, beginner ice skates are typically less stiff and also affordably priced as beginners are less likely to break the bank.

In this article, we present the 8 best ice skates for beginners that are available to purchase in 2022.

These models from brands such as Bauer and Jackson include the latest technologies to deliver a high-quality skating experience.

Editor's Choice (Men)
Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates

Our Editor’s Choice for the best men’s ice skates for beginners is the Bauer Supreme M4. Constructed with thermoformable materials, the M4 is customizable to suit individual foot shapes. The M4 has market-leading protection features including a 48oz tongue and a Form Fit+ memory foam footbed.

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Editor's Choice (Women)
Jackson Ultima

Our Editor’s Choice for the best women’s beginner ice skates is the Jackson Ultima JS1290. The skates have an extremely comfortable fit due to the microfiber liner, while stability is guaranteed by the matrix footbed. The durable stainless-steel blades are built to withstand regular use over time.

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Budget Friendly
Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates

Our recommendation for the best budget-friendly beginner ice skate is Bauer Vapor X3.7. Utilizing the most up-to-date Bauer technology such as a 3D injected composite outsole and Form Fit footbed, the X3.7 delivers supremely lightweight performance as well as great boot flexibility. 

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 8 Best Ice Skates For Beginners (2023)

Given the wide range of options available, identifying the right ice skates for beginners is a difficult task, especially for those new to the purchasing process.

The skates presented below include hockey and figure skates, premium and budget-friendly options for you to consider.

1. Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates

Best Ice Skates For Beginners (Editor’s Choice – Men)


With the Supreme M4, Bauer presents a new design for 2022. It is engineered for performance-driven players who want to step on the ice with confidence.

The Bauer Supreme M4 ice hockey skate has high-tech features and elite-level fit options that allow maximum performance.

The skate is made to produce powerful, strong strides and is built with composite material that flexes easily.

The Pro 48oz Felt Tongue has an injected metatarsal guard that compresses and releases energy for a more forward flex, more confidence, and more comfort to push past anything.

The Supreme M4 hockey skate boot is engineered using the Bauer ultra-popular 3D lasted composite quarter package.

This makes the M4 have a flex composite boot easier to flex with a supportive and lightweight structure.

This boot is also thermoformable for the best fit possible for the foot shape. The boot will give you an efficient ride with the most energy out of every push.

Bauer Supreme M4 Hockey SKates


The Supreme M4 features a traditional facing flex to help with the energy transfer in the boot.

This helps players to flex over their toes because the tendon guards allow full stride extension to attain maximum speed quicker. This will make the strides more powerful and efficient with no energy wasted.

The flexibility of the boot goes in handy with the classic 48oz felt tongue with an exposed metatarsal guard. This tongue is a classic tried and true felt tongue that gives comfort and helps you achieve maximum performance with each stride.

The interior of the Supreme M4 skates has the Blade Holder as the popular TUK Lightspeed Edge holder which has been tested by elite players for years now. Bauer LS+ runners come stock to allow the player to fine-tune the blade shape and performance.


  • Thermoformable for a customized fit
  • LS+ Runner which provide durable edges.
  • 48oz Felt tongue which includes injected metatarsal guard for strong foot protection.
  • Form Fit+ footbed with memory foam for maximum comfort.
  • Hydrophobic Microfiber Liner is a high-performing moisture-wicking material to wick away moisture and keep the foot secure.


  • Premium price

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2. Jackson Ultima Excel Women’s Skates

Editor’s Choice – Women


Jackson Ultima is recognized worldwide for its figure skates. The Jackson Ultima Excel figure skate is great for beginner ice skaters.

This model is specific to women and provides a custom program that allows skaters to personalize their skates through the 500 series and the Rapid custom process.

The 500 series is a custom experience that results in hand-built skates made for the skater’s needs. While the Rapid custom process gives a custom boot that features one of the Jackson Ultima’s blades, finishes, and sole attachment.


The Jackson Ultima figure skate allows a young skater to practice her footwork in great comfort.

The Fusion Sole is constructed from lightweight nylon composite which has torque resistant and waterproof. It has a rubber inlay that provides a non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption.

There is the high-performance microfiber lining with a moisture-wicking memory foam treated with anti-bacterial properties to keep the feet comfortable and warm while providing the initial try-on comfort.

The matrix footbed is constructed from Poron throughout the entire footbed with the EVA base layer cushions for a stable platform. It also has a Poron heel insert which provides extra shock absorption when landing.

The Jackson Ultima flagship technology design boots to fit tight when cold. Therefore, they have the heat moldable Fit system where you use heat to soften and mold your boots. When the boot cools it retains the shape of your foot.


  • Maximum ankle support and shock absorption
  • Waterproof lightweight nylon composite that is Torque resistant.
  • Good quality stainless steel blades


  • Tight fit which is not ideal for wider feet

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3. Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates

Budget Friendly


In the X3.7 Bauer is considered the best in class for graphic appeal and comfort. Bauer invested in digital printing capabilities to enhance the skates’ visual richness. The 3D-injected composite boot makes the skate 4% lighter than other models.

Inside the boot is the microfiber liner with memory foam padding. The Form Fit footbed at the bottom of the boot provides great support and feel. There is the 40oz to-piece tongue that has a liner at the top of the skate for added comfort and flexibility.

This skate has quality features that give comfort and flexibility to the player skating about twice a week.

Bauer Vapor X3.7 Hockey Skates


The X3.7 outsole has the 4% lighter 3D injected composite material to provide flexibility and enough support.

The 40oz two-piece tongue and the liner provide support and added comfort. The TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder with the LS1 provides durability and good edge life.

The skate has memory foam padding with a soft microfiber liner for great support and comfort throughout the skate. The form-fit footbed provides comfort and offers great support throughout the game.

The X3.7 has benefits for a player looking for a high-end model especially when you are into more technologies for better performance.


  • 3D injected composite outsole that makes the skate 4% lighter hence flexibility without sacrificing support
  • A 40oz two-piece tongue with liner for comfort and support
  • TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holder with LS1 runner for good edge life and durability.
  • Microfiber Liner for comfort and support
  • Form-Fit Footbed for good feeling and support


  • Not for wide feet

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4. Bauer Vapor 3X Ice Hockey Skates

For Juniors


For junior players, the Bauer Vapor 3X is a high-quality, affordable skate option. Benefitting from the Vapor design concept, these skates are targeted at junior hockey players who play fairly regularly.

Although the 3X is less technologically advanced than the 3X Pro, the 3X remains highly durable, great value and lightweight, weighing 6.5% lighter than its rivals.

The lightweight construction of the 3X is enabled by the full composite boot and a modern LS+ runner. Lighter skates are great for junior players who are looking to boost their acceleration and flat-line speed.

Another crucial design feature is the support and stability offered in the 3X which includes an LS Balance runner and Motion-Flex Technology. These features allow junior players to bend their knees more easily when taking a skating stride.

Bauer Vapor 3X Hockey Skates


The 3X incorporates the recent Bauer Vapor design concept of focusing on a flexible lower skate and stiff upper boot which provides enhanced lateral support and better overall stability.

The 3X is a low-profile boot in part due to the asymmetrical toe cap which is copied from the 2X Pro design. The toe cap strengthens gliding power as well as improves initial acceleration.

Junior players will approve of the 3X balanced fit. The FormFit+ footbed, microfiber liner and 40oz Pro Stock tongue ensure the feet are well wrapped in the boot interior and also protect against blows on the ice.

A comfortable fit is especially important for junior players who are developing their technical skills.


  • Vapor quality construction available at a budget-friendly price point
  • Lightweight boot construction encourages better speed and agility
  • An asymmetrical toe cap improves the low-profile fit
  • Memory foam and microfiber liners provide quality interior padding


  • Less durable than premium ranges like the 3X Pro
  • Takes a while to break them in

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5. Botas Regina Figure Skates


Designed for women and girls, the Botas Regina figure skates provide a slick figure skate option for those not wishing to break the bank.

Constructed with quality synthetic material, the Regina skates are enjoyable to wear, easy to maintain, and waterproof.

Despite the low price point, Regina skates are known for being highly comfortable. The good comfort levels are enabled by the soft foam lining and the cosy felt-lined tongue. Comfort is crucial for junior figure skaters as they wish to enjoy their time on the ice.

Available to purchase in plain white or black as well as a fleece add-on, the Regina skates are a stylish choice for young figure skaters.


To guarantee safety and durability, the Regina skates are designed with a robust plastic sole. This ensures the skates can withstand the demands of figure skating, allowing junior skaters to have a solid foundation on the ice.

For further evidence of the Regina skate’s safety rating for child figure skaters, the blades which are Botas Nicole Ni, have received TUV GS European certification for safe use in figure skating.

The innovative design combines solid synthetic boots with a soft lining to guarantee children will enjoy their time on the ice. The Regina skate is consistently popular with junior skaters.

Contributing to that is the wider boot shape which ensures the feet are never suffocated, while the ankle padding is soft but provides robust protection.


  • Well-suited to skaters with wider feet
  • Stylish design with a fleece design option available
  • The accessible price point for those seeking budget-friendly skates


  • Laces lack the durability of premium rivals
  • Sizing chart issues reported online

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6. CCM JetSpeed FT485 Ice Hockey Skates


The CCM JetSpeed FT485 is designed for regular skaters who are looking to have great value skates which utilize some of the top performance technologies currently available.

Designed to provide high-quality comfort and protection, the JetSpeed FT485 are a worthwhile investment.

Constructed with a one-piece boot, the JetSpeed FT485 is designed to have a close fit to ensure greater direct energy transfer. One of the best features is the XS Tongue system.

Also found in the AS3 Tacks skate range, the XS Tongue is interchangeable, allowing players to increase or decrease the volume of the skate.

CCM offer three tongue fits thick to slim. The thicker tongues increase volume and greater mobility, while the slimmer tongues enable a closer fit.

Comfort is assured with the JetSpeed FT485 due to the multi-density memory foam which lines the boot interior. Combined with a TotalDri liner which has sweat management properties, the player’s feet will not overheat while wearing the JetSpeed FT485.

CCM JetSpeed FT485 Hockey Skates


Hockey players are excited by the JetSpeed FT485 due to its acceleration and speed on the ice. The one-piece boot is both lightweight and stiff, to give players sufficient support and freedom to maximize energy transfer and boost speed.

The lightweight feel is also supported by a footbed which deploys CCM Ortholite technology. This design is constructed using a recycled runner and provides quality foot support.

The inclusion of the Speedblade XS Holder and Speedblade XS stainless steel runner ensures the JetSpeed FT485 delivers long-lasting durability. The runner is especially popular due to the long-life edge performance.


  • Lightweight one-piece boot ensures a close fit
  • Eco-friendly design features
  • Customizable tongues depending on your playing preferences
  • Comfortable interior due to memory foam and TotalDri liner


  • Tight JetSpeed fit
  • Not suited for players with wide feet

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7. Jackson Soft Skate Figure Skates


The Jackson SoftSkate is one of the most popular skates in the Jackson Ultima range. Designed with a slick, classical white design, the SoftSkate offers high levels of comfort for an affordable price.

The high comfort levels provided by SoftSkate are largely due to the soft fleece lining on the inside and rim of the boot. The fleece lining not only provides warmth but also a great look.

The boot itself is constructed with reinforced vinyl and has a padded tongue for extra warmth and comfort. The chrome-constructed insert adds stylishness and sophistication to the design.

The SoftSkate is available in medium-width sizes from toddler through to adult, ensuring all of the female sides of the family can look glam on the ice.

The SoftSkate fleecing is also available in a variety of colors including blue pink and purple to suit everyone’s taste.


The Jackson SoftSkate is so popular because of the top-level foot support and comfort provided.

This is provided by a cushy foam lined throughout the boot interior to completely wrap your foot. While this generates significant warmth, it also serves as a protective barrier for your foot to reduce injury.

SoftSkate performs well in terms of maintenance and durability due to the PVC outsoles. Not only are they trendy, but are easy to clean and robust to everyday use.

Jackson uses the Ultima Mark I stainless steel blade for the SoftSkate which is a reliable choice by equipping figure skaters with stability and quality braking power.


  • Fleece lining guarantees warm feet for long stints on the ice
  • Highly comfortable fit
  • Fleecing is available in a variety of colors


  • Blade requires sharpening before use

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8. Lake Placid Alpine 900 Figure Skates


The Lake Placid Alpine 900 Women’s Traditional figure skate is a recreational skate constructed with high-quality materials and available for an affordable price.

The Alpine 900 is designed for beginner to intermediate-level figure skaters who are keen to develop essential skills such as agility, stability and strength.

Despite having a budget-friendly price point, the Alpine 900 contains some higher-end design features.

This includes a premium leather upper which is highly durable and robust against indoor and outdoor ice skating conditions. The leather also provides a stylish look compared to other skates of a similar price.

Comfort and warmth are core concepts of the Alpine 900 design. The skate interior includes a faux fur upper and good-quality memory padding which also protects the skater’s feet.

The Alpine 900 sizing is also easier compared to rival skates. Lake Placid commit to designing skates that are a true fit of US women’s shoe sizes, allowing you easily predict your preferred size.


Key to solid figure skating is strong ankle support given the types of movements that figure skaters do.

The Alpine 900 is designed with firm ankle support, memory foam padding a robust synthetic outsole which can all withstand the twists and turns of figure skating.

The Alpine 900 is one of the leading skate choices for outdoor figure skaters. When skating outdoors, skate warmth is especially important. The faux fur lining in the Alpine 900 is especially helpful in ensuring outdoor skaters keep their feet warm.

The Alpine 900 is also practical thanks to a traditional lacing design. The design includes speed hooks which enable a fast release from the skate if required.


  • Ideal for outdoor skaters wishing to keep warm
  • Sizing follows US shoe sizes so is easy to follow
  • High-quality materials for an affordable price


  • The blade will need sharpening before use

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Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Ice Skates For Beginners

Best Ice Skates For Beginners 2022


To achieve maximum benefit from ice skates your feet need to be snugly fitting inside the skates. Selecting a size that is not your ideal fit can potentially lead to injury. Particularly loose fitting skates can make it tough for you to achieve control on the ice.

An important detail is that often your ice skate size will differ from your regular shoe size.

In most cases, a perfect fit for ice skates is one size lower than your standard shoe size. Most manufacturers will provide a helpful sizing chart to assist you in the process.

Your Foot Type & Fit

Your foot type and desired fit are crucial factors to consider when selecting ice skates. There are typically three available widths for ice skates, narrow, regular or wide.

You should not tolerate ice skates that are too narrow as this can cause painful foot injuries and also reduce your ability to control movement on the ice. If you have wide feet most well-known brands such as Bauer or CCM include wide fit options.

In cases where no width is specified, you can assume they are narrow-fitting skates. Wide skates will often be specified in the skate name or description.

Skill Level & Experience 

The most appropriate ice skate will also depend on your skating level and experience.

For example, beginners are unlikely to need premium choice skates compared to professional hockey players or figure skaters. You should prioritize good value for your skating needs.

Beginner skaters tend to purchase pre-built skates which are easy to maintain and quick to slip on. They will likely be budget-friendly but also have decent performance features.

Advanced skaters often focus on durability and high-level performance outcomes such as speed and acceleration. As movement demands increase with experience, both figure skaters and hockey players will need stiffer skates than can withstand the movements.

Skate Weight & Features 

The weight and features of ice skates are also important to consider.

You may prefer a lightweight skate that can allow you to boost speed and agility or prefer a heavier, more robust skate that withstands blows and lasts a long time. This may depend on the sport you play or the skating style you adopt.

You may also be interested in other specific features such as comfort levels, warmth, ankle protection, boot material and colour. These features can be very individual so you should invest time to work out your preferences.

How Stiff Should Beginner Ice Skates Be?

As with all features, desired skate stiffness is down to personal preference.

All ice skates have a stiffness rating which assesses the level of support provided by the skate. Higher stiffness ratings typically result in stronger support levels. While lower stiffness gives weaker support.

Beginners often opt for lower-stiffness skates. They tend to be less of a burden and more comfortable for beginners to wear.

As hockey players or figure skaters become more advanced, the appeal of stiffer skates is more appealing. Stiffer skates can better withstand high-impact movements and sufficiently support your ankle and foot joints.

Final Words 

Hopefully, this article has provided all the key information you need to know regarding the best ice hockey skates for beginners that are available to purchase in 2023.

In an ideal world, you are now more confident to start the purchasing process and know where to look to buy great value skates for a beginner skater.

Our choice for the best men’s ice skates for beginners is the Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates due to the customizable features and supreme levels of comfort that can’t be matched at that price point.

Our recommendation for the best women’s ice skates for beginners is the Jackson Ultima Excel Women’s Skates which provide a stable footing, solid ankle protection and a highly durable skate.

For more information and purchasing options, follow the links provided in our product reviews to buy your preferred ice skate online.

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