How To Choose The Right Hockey Skates Infographic

Ice Hockey season is coming up – and whether you want to dive into ice hockey fever or you simply want to dip your toes into this sport, the first thing you will need are a good pair of skates.

The thing is, not just any skate will do. Just like you would try on various pairs of shoes until you find one that fits you perfectly, similarly you need to pay equal attention to the type of skates you buy. With so many options out there, it can get confusing on how to go about buying the best hockey skates.

Fortunately, Hockey Pursuits created this infographic How to Choose the Right Hockey Skates that tells you all you need to know in a glance on how to buy your first or tenth pair of hockey skates.

The ice can be an unforgiving surface, letting you glide at fast speeds and also welcoming you with hard knocks should you fall. To be prepared for the ice, you need to have a pair of skates that fits your feet perfectly, with no give between your heel and your skate, and enough comfort to unleash the ice hockey beast within you.

Welcome to, the ice hockey experts who will show you the way to ice hockey greatness.

Choosing The Right Hockey Skates Infographic

How To Choose Hockey Skates

Knowing Your Hockey Skate

Firstly, you should know the various sections of a hockey skate, and their respective parts they play in terms of performance and comfort.

The infographic clearly lays out the different sections of a hockey skate, while offering a brief explanation on what they are.

From the liner which protects your feet, to the toe box that keeps your toes from getting crumpled up during one of the many collisions that may happen on the ice, this illustration shows the importance of each part. Knowing your skate inside out will greatly help in the decision making of buying your pair of skates.

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Skate Widths

Just like your feet can differ from individual to individual, skates too are created keeping varying foot widths in mind. A person with narrow feet will swim in larger width skates, and a person with extra wide feet will definitely have a really uncomfortable time if they tried to squeeze their feet into tiny skates. There are varying skate widths, ranging from the narrow, symbolized by N, gradually increasing to EE, for extra wide feet.

Hockey Skate Sizing

Shoe sizing can be a tricky affair – but our basic guide can help you tentatively know which section you fall under – youth, junior or senior. This approximate sizing guide will help you tell in a glance which shoe size you should be looking at. Remember, the shoe size you have is not necessarily the skate size you should buy. Your skates should be snugger than the fit you get from your shoes. A new pair of hockey skates is also a great Christmas gift for hockey players.

How To Test My Fit

Looking at a fancy pair of skates and getting impressed by it visually should not seal the deal for you. There are many tests that you can perform before buying it so that you know that the pair you are considering is the perfect one for you.

There are many tests – like the finger test. You should not be swimming in your skates. One finger spacing between your heel and skates is acceptable, but any more than that means that you are looking at a size too big for you.

The Pencil test involves a pencil or a pen or whatever you have handy. Checking out the balance on the skate’s tongue will help you determine if it is suitable for you.

None of these tests are expensive or time consuming. The best thing is that you can do these tests in any store you are in. A simple walk around in the skates will tell you if they are comfortable for you. If you feel your toes getting pinched or you feel the fit id too tight, look at other skates.

Of course, you can never decide on the perfect pair immediately. Choosing one that feels right should work for you and if you feel that your skates could fit better, bake them after purchasing them.

Baking Your Skates

This is a sure fire way to get a custom fit. Simply place them in a special oven, then wear them and lace them up, allowing them to cool down around the shape of your feet, ending up in a custom mold.

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