Most Comfortable Roller Skates (2022)

If you have ever worn a pair of skates that was simply uncomfortable, it can be enough to put you off of the sport altogether.

That is why it is so important that you find the most comfortable roller skates possible.

The right type of roller skate is not going to be the same for everyone. Some skaters have different foot needs or skating needs that will need to be taken into account.

Other skaters will not be able to afford the top-of-the-line comfort skates, so need to look at the most comfortable skates in their budget.

Comfort has to do with the amount of support and padding as well as the material that the skates are made out of.

We have researched what the most comfortable skates on the market are and came up with the following list that should help you find the perfect roller skates for your needs and your comfort.

Editor's Choice
Moxi Panther Roller Skates

Our editor’s choice for the most comfortable roller skates are the Moxi Panther Outdoor Roller Skates. With a more personalized fit, soft, high-rebound wheels, and ankle padding, these skates have all of the comforts that your feet will be cheering for.

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High Performance
Custom Moxi Lolly Sunlite

After extensive research, we found that for a high-performance skate that is also comfortable, you should check out the Custom Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates. Using quality suede leather, the skates will mold around your feet after you break them in.

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Budget Friendly
Rio Roller Script Roller Skates

For those looking for a comfortable pair of skates that will work on a budget, we chose the Rio Roller Script Outdoor Roller Skates. They are made from PVC leather and have a cushioned heel and molded inner sole to give you a little extra comfort.

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8 Most Comfortable Roller Skates (2022)

We have broken down the most comfortable roller skates for you all so that you can make the best choice possible.

1. Moxi Panther Outdoor Roller Skates

Editor’s Choice

Since looking for the most comfortable roller skates should be a serious task, we feel confident in saying that our top choice for the prize is the Moxi Panther Outdoor Roller Skates.

These versatile skates come with everything that you need in order to maintain a high level of comfort outside.

Moxi Panther Beginner Roller Skates


Looking at the design of the Moxi Panther Outdoor roller skates, they do not use the more typical vinyl uppers, but inside have hand-sorted, drum-dyed genuine suede. The suede will mold around your foot, giving you a personalized feel.

The Panther skates also use Marvel aluminum plates, which help create a high level of durability with the skates as well, so you will not be wearing them out any time soon.


Looking at the performance of these skates, they come with a soft, high-rebound wheel, (58mm, 78A), which means that they are intended solely for outdoor use.

They also have extra abrasion resistance so you will be able to tackle rough surfaces without trouble.

These skates also work well for all levels of skaters, whether you are just starting or have been out on the rink for ages.


  • Custom-fit
  • Marvel aluminum plates
  • ABEC 5 bearings
  • Adjustable toe stop
  • Genuine suede


  • Need to swap wheels to use inside

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2. Custom Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates

High Performance

If you are more on the market for a pair of skates that combines the level of comfort that you are looking for with high-performance capabilities, then we suggest the Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates.

This skate manages to combine a top-of-the-line plate with a customer’s favorite boot, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates


Looking at its design, the Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates have been made with high-quality suede leather.

This is the ideal material for comfort because it will mold right around your foot, so once it is broken in by your foot, it should be able to fit well around it for the life of the skates.


As this is a high-performance pair of skates, let’s take a look at their performance. These skates are made to use the Sure-Grip Boardwalk Wheels because they will allow you to perform well outside.

These are not meant to be indoor skates, though you could always change out the wheels for indoor wheels.

They come with ABEC-7 bearings, which are on the higher end of bearings. That means they will roll swiftly, allowing you to get your speed and movements down well.


  • V-bracing designed plate
  • 40% lighter than other skates
  • High-quality suede leather
  • Fun design
  • Optimal strength


  • Cost is restrictive

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3. Rio Roller Script Outdoor Roller Skates

Budget Friendly

You do not need to spend a fortune in order to find a pair of comfortable roller skates.

While budget friendly skates usually do not have all of the highest-quality materials, you should still be able to find a pair of comfortable skates.

Our choice for the best budget friendly comfortable skate is the Rio Roller Script Outdoor Roller Skates.

Rio Script Beginner Roller Skates


Starting with their design, the Rio Roller Script Outdoor Roller skates are made from PVC fake leather material.

That means they have the appearance of leather but are not made with it. Comfort-wise, it means that you will not get the same level of comfort and fit as you would with leather, but it is a nice alternative.

The skates also have a cushioned heel and a molded inner sole that both help with the comfort of your skates, allowing you to easily skate on them as long as you would like to.


The performance of the Rio Roller Script skates is improved by the nylon and aluminum combination of the trucks.

That keeps the skates lightweight and efficient. They also have 82A Coaster Wheels, which are super soft and nice for outdoor skating.


  • Fun color
  • Combines light weightiness and durability
  • Molded inner sole
  • Cushioned heel
  • PVC artificial leather


  • Naturally a tight, small fit

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4. VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive Roller Skates

Since the skates that we have looked at so far for the title of most comfortable roller skates have been outdoor skates, let’s take a look at one of the most comfortable indoor skates.

The VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive is a freestyle skate that is meant to combine both comfort and ability.

VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Roller Skates


The VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive skate is designed as a freestyle skate, which means that it has a low-top boot. This helps with your speed out on the rink.

They are made with padded glove leather, so they are incredibly comfortable and will mold around your feet easily. They come in either white or in black leather.

The skates are also designed using a patented V-bracing design and they come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage, which is practically unheard of.


They use Sure-Grip Fugitive wheels that have been made with a soft poly BD urethane and a flexible spoked core within the wheels themselves.

These are indoor skates so they are not made to withstand the outdoors.


  • Flexible spoke core in the wheels
  • Patented V-bracing
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • Scuff resistant support
  • Super durable


  • Not a versatile type of skate

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5. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Roller Skates

This is one of the newest models out on the market, so it has all of the updated technology that you will want from your comfortable roller skates.

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates


The design of the Sure-Grip Boardwalk skates is incredibly fun. You can choose from four wild and bright colors, allowing you to express your personality.

They are made with high-quality luxurious suede as well. The suede helps keep these skates ultra-comfortable, since the suede will mold around your feet easily, creating a second skin.

The skates are made with lightweight but durable nylon plates that have adjustable toe stops as well, so you will be able to make these skates work perfectly for your needs.


Taking a look at their performance, these outdoor skates come with the softer 82A wheels, which will allow you to grip the outdoor terrain easily.

They do have ABEC-3 bearings, which are a little low on the scale of bearings, so they might not rotate as smoothly as some of the other skates that we have looked at so far.


  • Comes in lots of fun colors
  • Made with suede
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Lightweight nylon plates
  • Classy design


  • ABEC-3 bearings are on the lower end

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6. VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa Jam Skates

Jam skates are a specific type of roller skate, so they will not be the right choice for all skaters out there.

VNLA Zona Rosa Wide Roller Skates


The design of the VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa skates includes denim and black leather upper. This combination manages to be both durable as well as comfortable.

It is intended that the skates will give you the best time out on the rink as the skates mold around your feet. They have a stitched rubber outsole and a metallic pink lace cover.

The skates with the Vanilla Gorilla Nylon Plate with Aluminum Trucks, so they do have the durability that you will need as you look for a new pair of skates.


The VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa skates are meant to be indoor roller skates because they come with the Vanilla Backspin Stealth Wheels, which are a 93A hardness.

They also have the Vanilla Reaction ABEC-9 bearings, which are on the high-end of spin that you can get.

Since these are jam skates, they are meant for speed and fast footwork. They deliver on this as well.


  • Zero Flex jam wheel
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Denim and leather combination
  • Vanilla Gorilla Nylon Plate
  • Vanilla Backspin stealth wheels


  • We didn’t find any

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7. VNLA V-Line All American Plus Rollers Skates

Another indoor skate that is in the running for the title of the most comfortable roller skate is the VNLA V-Line All American Plus Indoor Roller Skates.

These skates combine a classy design with comfort, bringing the best of both worlds.

VNLA V-Line All American Roller Skates


The V-Line All American Plus skates offer a new spin on the traditional high-top black skate.

Instead of the standard leather, these boots have a unique textured design on the sides and are made using man-made materials rather than leather.

It might make them a little less durable and comfortable than leather skates, but it does mean they can have a fun design like that.

They are comfortable skates, of course. They provide ankle supports around the ankles, supplying you with a necessary level of support and injury prevention.

They also are a little bit higher than the average high-top, which can help with comfort as well.


The V-Line All-American skates are more versatile than other skates that we have looked at.

The toe stop is adjustable but can be removed altogether and have a jam plug put in, meaning you can use the skates for many skating purposes.


  • Unique textured design
  • Extra high boot
  • Ankle support
  • Clay compound wheels
  • Adjustable mini round top stop


  • Made with man-made materials, so it is not as durable as other skates

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8. Riedell Citizen Plus Roller Skates

The last skates that we will look at are the Riedell Citizen Plus Outdoor Roller Skates.

With their classic look and high amount of comfort, these might be the perfect skates for you.

Riedell Citizen Plus Roller Skates


The design of the skates is ideal for skaters looking for that classic high-top design.

Made with white vinyl, the skates may not mold around your feet as well as the leather will, but they still will do their job and give you a high level of comfort and mobility.

The skates come with durable PowerDyne Thrust nylon plates that will provide you with the right amount of support.

They also work when you are making quick stops on the great outdoors, because they do not have any added weight.


When we looked at the performance for these skates, we saw that they allow you to be light and swift on your feet.

They are made for quick stops and to be used outside. They come with 85A wheels with ABEC-7 bearings, so you should have a fast and smooth ride.


  • Classic design
  • Smooth roll
  • PowerDyne Thrust Nylon Plates
  • Great Mobility
  • Nice Support


  • Made with vinyl instead of leather

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Most Comfortable Roller Skates

Comfortable Roller Skates Features

Low-top vs High-top

Traditionally, roller skates came with a high-top, but that is not always the case anymore. Some skaters find the high-top to be too restrictive and do not like having the added ankle support, while others think they are the best way.

You will normally see the low-top style of skates in skates intended for roller derby. Low-tops fit more like a sneaker does, which can appeal to many types of skaters.

Generally, the low-top skates help with speed and movement, so it has more to do with how you are using them rather than comfort.


The material of the skates will absolutely affect how comfortable the skates are. In general, skates that are made out of suede and leather will be more comfortable than skates made out of PVC or man-made materials.

Suede and leather will mold around your feet over time, acting like a second skin. They may take a couple of skates to break-in, but once they have been broken in, they will always be a perfect fit on your feet.

The man-made vinyl and other materials do not have the same molding abilities as leather does, so they do not have the same comfort level.

Wheels & Bearings

You might be wondering what wheels and bearings have to do with comfortable roller skates, but they do matter. The wheel type will vary depending on whether you are skating indoors or outdoors.

You should use a softer wheel when skating outside in order to get a better grip on the pavement, while you will need a harder wheel for indoors. Using the wrong type of wheel will affect your ability as well as your comfort.

Bearings also can affect your comfort, because when you have a tight bearing that will not allow the wheels to spin efficiently, you will have to work harder to achieve the same movement.  

Your Foot Type &  Sizing

Finally, your foot type and the sizing of the skates will dramatically affect your comfort level. For example, if you are a skater with wide feet, you need to find a pair of skates that is wide.

When you wear skates that are made too narrow for your feet, they will always be too narrow. It is essential that you get skates that are the right width and size right away.

Also, if you have high arches or you have flat feet, you will need skates that have support to prevent discomfort and injury to your feet.

Final Words

While there are a lot of different comfortable skates on the market, as we have reviewed, we still found that you cannot do better than the Moxi Panther Outdoor Roller Skates.

These have such a high-quality material that they will form around your feet without any trouble, acting like a second skin.

Of course, some skaters would prefer something that is a little bit higher performance than the Moxi Panther skates.

For that, we suggest the Custom Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates. Also by Moxi, these skates allow you to skate at a higher level than the Panther skates do.

The most important thing is to make sure that the skates fit your feet well. If the skates are not comfortable because they are too narrow, for example, they will always be too narrow.

Try on your skates and see how well you are able to move around in order to determine your own comfort level.

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