20 Best Gifts For Hockey Players (2019) – Hockey Gift Ideas

When it comes to giving a gift to anyone special in your life, you will want to be conscientious of likes and hobbies, including hockey. But what can you really give a hockey player that he or she might want? What is the perfect hockey gift?

We have broken down all of the best gifts for hockey players out there to help you out.

New Hockey Gear 

One of the best things that you can get for the hockey player in your life is new hockey gear. All gear, especially when used a lot, will take a beating over time and need to be replaced. Gear is something that they will actually use and love.

1. Hockey Stick

The best hockey stick that you can give for a gift is the Warrior Covert QR Edge. This is a high-quality, technologically advanced composite hockey stick which can be a real game-changer.

Warrior Covert QR Edge Hockey Stick

The Edge has a taper design which allows for explosive release. The one-piece technology allows for a lightweight response and easy energy transfer. It also has a Pro Cortex Grip for hand control and a foam-filled core blade with heel-to-toe stringers for added stiffness.

Its unique geometry is more stable than other taper sticks, so it will stay straight during big shots, without any twisting or torqueing, ensuring shot accuracy. This is an excellent hockey gift.

2. Hockey Skates

If you are thinking that skates might be a better gift, we suggest the Bauer Vapor X800 skates. These are elite-level skates that have impressive features that would be a joy for any hockey player to receive.

Bauer Vapor X800 Hockey Skates

These skates have an X-rib design that gives increased heel stability, which will work for energy transfer. They also have a flex-lock tongue that adds some extra comfort, preventing lace bite and injury.

The X800 has a grip liner that will help lock the skater’s foot down into the boot. They have a narrow forefoot and a shallow heel, giving the average-sized skater a good fit.

3. Hockey Bag

If you aren’t sure about skate sizes, but are still interested in giving gear, take a look at the Grit HTFX Tower Hockey Bag. All players need a way to transport their gear and the Grit HTFX is a great choice.

Grit HTFX Hockey Bag

With this bag, players will get a bag that is both lightweight and durable. The composite frame system helps improve the bag’s flexibility, which we all need when it comes to putting gear away.

It has wheels on the bottom as well, making it easy to roll when you need to. The side handle also makes it easier to carry.

Home Skate Sharpening 

Having a home sharpener would be a gift that keeps on giving. Skates need to be sharpened regularly and when skaters have their own sharpener at home, it will save them a lot of time in the long run. Many skaters have never considered the possibility of a home sharpener, so this gift would give immense joy.

4. Sparx Skate Sharpener

For home sharpening, we suggest the Sparx Skate Sharpener. This is the most affordable and the most portable sharpener that you can get.

Sparx Skate Sharpener

With its integrated system, the Sparx sharpener allows you choose from various grinding rings in order to get the hollow that your skater really likes. The hollow depth is really a personal preference, so with this sharpener, your skater will be able to get what he or she wants most.

The sharpener itself is easy to use as well. The skate just fits into the top of the machine; you set how many passes you want it to go through and voila, sharpened skates. This is one of the best hockey gifts out there.

Hockey Training Aids

Hockey training aids allow players to work on their skills even when they are not on the ice. Having the ability to train at home can benefit many players and would make an excellent gift for hockey players, especially younger players who are still working on mastering their skills.

Training aids can help you master your form, power shots, and help improve your overall strength. Any hockey player would be happy to receive one of these as a gift.

5. Home Training Center - All Star Edition

Editor's Choice - Best Hockey Gift Overall

Home Training Center

Our top pick for hockey training aids is the Home Training Center Allstar Edition. This is a great home alternative for when you can’t get to the ice or on your days off.

This training center helps build stickhandling skills, as well as shooting and passing. The trainer works inside or outside, depending on your situation and preference. There is enough room on this trainer to work on toe drags, wrist shots, and even power shots.

The trainer itself is made up of tiles that recreate the slickness of ice even when you are not anywhere near a rink. The tiles are made strong enough to support a car to park on them, so if it’s set up in a garage or driveway, it doesn’t need to be taken apart for parking space.

6. Home Ice Skating Zone

Another great home trainer is the Home Ice Skating Zone. This home trainer is priced much higher than the Allstar trainer, but it really depends on what you are looking for and looking to spend on a gift.

Home Ice Skating Zone

This trainer also recreates the slick, smooth feel of ice, allowing players to really practice their skills when they are not on the ice. The trainer itself can be set up in a driveway or garage since it is strong enough to support a parked car when needed.

There are more options as far as size goes with this trainer, so you could really take up a lot of room if you wanted to. The tiles themselves should last between 3 to 5 years, depending of the amount of wear they receive. Home ice skating zone is the best gift for hockey players if budget is no concern.

7. HS Extreme Passing Kit

The HS Extreme Passing Kit is a more specific training choice, helping players to hone in on their passing skills when they aren’t on the ice. This can really help build strength and flexibility in the hands, which is useful to any player.

Passing Kit

Passing is one of the most important techniques that a player will need to master, so this would be a great gift for any hockey player. The HS Extreme is a great choice for working on one-timers and increasing the speed of your hands.

The passing kit comes with an HS Extreme clamp as well as a roll-up shooting pad. The passer can be attached or detached from the shooting pad in no time at all, increasing the ease of use with this tool.

8. HS Extreme Goal With Shooter Tutor

Another home hockey training tool that you could buy as a gift is the HS Extreme Goal with Shooter Tutor. This trainer is made to give players a goalie simulation to work on accuracy.

Goal With Shooter Tutor

The net is a pro-style with heavy-duty 1.5mm thick tubing and ¾ inch pip connections that are made to be dent resistant. This means the goal will hold up as you make power shots, even when you miss. The tough nylon tarp was designed to take on all of the force that will be thrown at it.

The shooter tutor can also be hung on any 6-foot by 4-foot regulation size goals, so if you do not want to use the goal that it comes with, you don’t have to.

9. DIY Sauce Combo Double

The DIY Sauce Combo is a great gift choice for hockey players trying to keep in shape during the hot days of summer. It might take a little practice to get the hang of this, but once you have, it is a lot of fun, in addition to being helpful.

DIY Sauce Combo Double

This trainer is made to practice and perhaps improve your saucer passes. It comes with two sets of trainers so you can work on your skills at the same time as a friend. Or, alternatively, you could challenge your friends to a simple one-on-one shooting contest.

This trainer has bevelled edges and even UV protections, so you really can cart this trainer anywhere you are, from at home to at the beach. It also has a shoulder strap to make for easy transport.

10. SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System

Great Hockey Gift For Kids

If you are shopping specifically for the younger hockey players out there, then we suggest the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System. Little players need to work on their skills and form, just like bigger players do.

SuperDeker Advanced Training Hockey System

This training system comes with two SuperDeker rebounder bands, one SuperDeker ePuck, one bottle of SuperDeker Zero Friction Ice Spray, all working together to provide the best hockey training experience possible.

A rebounder band is in place to act as a rebound, so players will need to work on quick reactions as well as getting a good idea of where a puck will rebound. You have to have the ePuck for this system to work at all, but it is a regulation weight and feels like a regular puck.

11. Hockey Revolution Dryland Training Flooring Tiles

Another great gift for the little hockey player in your life is the Hockey Revolution Dryland Training Flooring Tiles. This is an excellent training aid that can really help develop the youngest players’ skills in a comfortable space at their own pace. This system includes 21 tiles and two training aids.

Hockey Revolution Dryland Training Tiles

The tiles are constructed from durable and high quality materials and can be used on any flat surface. This means that players can work on their stickhandling and shooting skills any time they would like, regardless of the season.

The tiles themselves are colour-coded and numbered, which will help with training strategies, manoeuvres, and even games. There is also a Hockey Revolution app that has workouts to coincide with the tiles.

12. Hockey Shot Speed Deke Stickhandling Trainer

The Hockey Shot Speed Deke Stickhandling Trainer will make an excellent gift for younger hockey players. This trainer is made with the objective of stickhandling mastery, something any player of any level can always work on.

Speed Stick Handling Trainer

The trainer allows for customized and situational drills to practice manoeuvres you might not have seen in practice. This can be used on any hockey training surface, but does not come with the surface itself, so keep that in mind. It is foldable as well so it could be transported to an area that worked better if you needed it to be.

The height is adjustable on this trainer as well, which can help players work on different techniques. You can master basic skills or even work on more complex form, depending on the need.

Hockey Player Fitness

Staying in shape is crucial to the success of any hockey player, which is why you might consider purchasing a gift that can help maintain or improve their fitness. Hockey is not always available to be played year-round, but staying in shape can really affect gameplay.

13. HS Slide Board Pro

To master the strength and flexibility needed for powerful skating without the skates, we suggest the HS Slide Board Pro. This trainer is made to improve and build on the muscles needed for fast skating.

Slide Board Pro

The slide board is completely adjustable, so you can make it the right size for your strides. It will work on lateral power, as well as agility and endurance. These muscles do not see a lot of attention outside of the rink, so this can really help.

The board has rubber wedges to help with both form and push-offs as well as comfortable foam bumpers, which are also used for pushing off stoppers. It comes with slide board booties as well, which are needed to use the board.

14. SKLZ Speed Chute

Another fun fitness training tool that would make a great gift is a SKLZ Speed Chute. Even better, it is an affordable price that should work well within any budget.

Speed Chute

Speed parachute training works by giving skaters the ability to max-out on acceleration and running speed through the use of resistance and overspeed. The resistance will help improve stride length and frequency to improve top out speed.

The SKLZ cute provides about 15 to 30 pounds of progressive resistance, depending on the speed of the player using it. It also has a 360 rotation belt so you can move in any direction.

Hockey Coach Gifts 

Don’t forget about one of the most important players in your life: your coach. It is important to buy your coach a thoughtful and useful gift that he or she will always remember you by. Coaches may not be active players, but they are still in the game and they help define yours.

15. Fox 40 Pro Rigid Carry Board

Without a doubt, the best gift that you can give a hockey coach is the Fox 40 Pro. This is a double-sided board that provides a glimpse at a 2D hockey rink on one side while it has a 3D half rink on the other side.

Hockey Coach Gift

Coaches are always working out where the best places players should be are, so this really is a gift that would work for many years to come.

Hockey Apparel 

Any hockey player is also a hockey fan, so purchasing hockey apparel is an easy gift that is sure to please anyone receiving it. Just know which team your player is rooting for, so you don’t make a terrible mistake and buy something in the wrong team colours.

16. NHL Jersey

An NHL jersey might seem like the most obvious gift that you can give a hockey player, but really it is a slam-dunk. You already know how much your favourite player loves hockey and a jersey is a great choice.

NHL Jerseys

The biggest thing to remember when ordering a NHL jersey is that the jersey is the appropriate team for whoever you are giving the gift to. Once that is settled, you will need to determine the size. Jerseys are made to fit loosely since they are generally meant to go over padding so keep that in mind when you order.

17. Hockey Socks

Another easy-win hockey gift is a pair of hockey socks. While these are not going to have special logos or pictures on them, a good pair of hockey socks will last for a long while. No one ever owns too many pairs of hockey socks.

Hockey Socks

The Bauer Performance Skate Sock is specifically designed to keep your feet dry within the hockey boots, preventing athlete’s foot, blisters, and general discomfort. These are wonderful socks and make for a great gift.

Hockey Accessories

If you are thinking more of a gift that is both smaller and inexpensive, there are some great choices still out there for you. Hockey accessories always make great gifts and they are incredibly useful as well, so you know that they will be well-appreciated by the hockey player in your life.

18. Howies Wax Pack

One of the most useful accessories that you can buy for a hockey player is the Howies Wax Pack. Every player, no matter what age or skill level, needs to have wax on hand, so you know that this gift would really be appreciated.

Howies Wax Pack

The Howie packs come with five rolls of high-quality tape as well as a tin of Howie’s famous stick wax, keeping your stick ready to go at any time.

19. Inglasco Puck Pail 18 Pack

Another great accessory choice is the Inglasco Puck Pail. This pail comes with 18 pucks, so it is literally a bucket of pucks. Having it packed neatly together makes it easy to transport as well.

Bucket Of Pucks

Bringing your own pucks to practices and games will ensure that you have pucks to practice with when you aren’t playing. Any player could use spare pucks to have on hand, which is why this is such a great gift.

20. Hockey Gift Card

Hockey Gift Card

Finally, when all other gift ideas just don’t seem to make the grade for your needs, go with a Pure Hockey gift card. Pure Hockey is an online hockey store that has all of the things that hockey players really need. When you are having trouble choosing, let the player choose for him or herself. This way, you can’t go wrong!

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