Best Field Hockey Sticks (2021) – Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders Sticks

Whether you are just getting into the sport or have been playing for years, it is essential that you look at the best field hockey sticks possible.

This might sound like an easy decision, but shopping for a field hockey stick can prove to be difficult.

There are so many variables and considerations you should keep in mind when you are looking for a new stick.

Consider your position, your skill level, style of play, and what you would really like to get out of your new stick.

What Features To Look For In A Field Hockey Stick 

Grays GX7000 Composite Stick

When it comes to buying the best field hockey stick, there are several considerations that you need to make before you commit to one over another.

These factors include what position you play, how heavy of a stick you can handle, the length that you need and even what the stick is made out of.

Your Position

The type of field hockey stick that you need can vary depending on your position. A forward would normally look for a shorter stick in order to have the ability to dribble down the field as well as the ability to flick the ball when on the offensive.

A defender, on the other hand, would normally opt for a longer stick in order to have a longer reach and drive the ball further down the field. Forwards normally use lighter sticks, midfielders opt for more of a medium weight, and defensive positions will go for a heavier stick.


The right weight for your hockey stick will depend upon the position that you play, your personal preference, and what your current level of play is.

The three weight categories are light, light to medium, and heavy.

Lighter sticks are ideal for offensive players who need to move quickly and drive down the field. A medium weight stick is also good for agility, but a heavy stick is best for the defensive position. Heavier sticks allow you to drive the ball further down the field than a lighter stick would, but are not as quick to move around.


Normally, field hockey sticks come in one of three material types: carbon, fiberglass, and aramid or Kevlar. Each material has pros and cons.

  • Carbon: Carbon is a great choice for advanced players. It is both light and durable and can still have the hitting power that you need to make a shot. The downside to carbon is that it is not intuitively easy to control. It requires a lot of practice to be used well.

  • Fiberglass: Where carbon is better for advanced players, fiberglass is a better choice for beginners. It is even more durable than carbon is and far easier to control, making it better for those who are trying to learn field hockey. They are also normally less expensive.

  • Aramid or Kevlar: Aramid or Kevlar are heavier duty materials. They are easy to use, like fiberglass, but are specifically designed to absorb vibrations. This means it will not jar your arm and your stick will be stronger.

10 Best Field Hockey Sticks (2021)





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1. Malik Gaucho

Editor's Choice

All Positions

457 grams


2. Kookaburra Stick

High Performance


539 grams


3. Grays GX1000

Budget Friendly


635 grams


4. Grays SURF 500

Junior's Choice

All Positions

526 grams


5. STX Surgeon

All Positions

595 grams


6. Grays GX7000


525 grams


7. STX XT 701


502 grams


8. STX Starter Pack

Full Starter Kit

All Positions

487 grams


9. STX Stallion I

All Positions

626 grams


10. Adidas V24


475 grams


1. Malik Gaucho Field Hockey Stick

Best Field Hockey Stick (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the overall best field hockey stick is the Malik Gaucho Dribble Curve Field Hockey Stick. This is a lightweight stick that weighs just over one pound. It is available in either 36.5” or 37.5”.

The stick does have a good grip to help you with your ball control as well as a VEGA head shape for quick shots. The stick has a low bow curve as well. The bow is made up of 90% carbon. The oval shaft of the stick will help with your overall grip, giving you a much better hook to define your dribbling skill. The hook itself is thin, giving you better dribbling.

The only downside to this stick is that the finish and paint on the stick chips off pretty easily. It will not affect the overall ability of the stick, but it will lose its newness quickly.

Position & Skill Level

The Malik Field hockey stick is a great choice for middle or defence positions. It is heavy enough and well-balanced to allow great speed and quality attacks, while still allowing players to further master their dribbling skills.

Ultimately, this is a great stick for experienced players who have been at the game for a number of years. In fact, it is the preferred stick of Kelly Jonker as well as other world-class-level players.

  • Good grip for ball control
  • VEGA head shape
  • Lightweight
  • Low bow curve
  • Oval shaft

2. Kookaburra Field Hockey Stick

High Performance

If you are looking for a field hockey stick that is also high performance, you should check out the Kookaburra stick. This is a great stick for players of any skill level, so you will not be limited by your ability.

The stick comes in a wide array of colours, so there are a lot of options. Length-wise, the stick is available in lengths between 34” and 36.5”, which will work for most players. The stick is made up a carbon fiberglass material in his construction. As a result, the stick is lightweight and durable, so it should last for a long while. The core is a duo core, which manages to give you a good balance of stability and control.

The stick has a G shaped hook as well, which is a great option for goal keepers, but it might not work for other positions, since it is made to have a huge stopping area and has a tailored head. That makes it a perfect high performance stick for players looking to stop a ball.

Position & Skill Level

The Kookaburra Field Hockey Stick is designed for goalies. It works for goalies of all skill levels as well, so really, this is a great all-around stick for field hockey players who act as goal keepers.

  • G Hook Head Shape
  • Duo core construction
  • Lightweight
  • Great Stability
  • Great for players of all levels
  • G hook means it will not work for other positions

3. Grays GX1000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

Budget Friendly

Even when you are on a budget, you should be able to still get a good field hockey stick. In this case, it is the Grays GX1000.

This is a composite and fiberglass combination stick. The carbon will give you the stiffness and strength that you need for better hitting power while the fiberglass delivers less vibration and control, giving you the best of both.

The GX1000 is a great stick to work on transitioning from the fundamentals of field hockey to learning the more technical skills you need to advance, without having to go for a more expensive stick.

Position & Skill Level

This is a great stick for beginning to intermediate level players. It is light and easy to manoeuvre, which is important when you are just learning the fundamentals of field hockey, but does have enough power to be competitive. The Maxi toe means this is best for defenders.

  • Fiberglass for reduced vibration and better control
  • Carbon for increased stiffness and strength
  • Great reverse stick control
  • Ideal for drag flicks
  • Hook tow for better receiving surface
  • The fiberglass/carbon combo is what keeps this from being an advanced stick

4. Grays SURF 500

Junior Field Hockey Stick

If you are in the market for a junior stick for your child, Grays has you covered with the SURF 500. This stick is made from a wood composition, giving you a more forgiving touch than you would get from other sticks.

The Maxi toe technology of this stick is a great combination of surface area and hitting power. It is important for younger players to know how to feel for a ball in order to be able to move it the way that they need to. The SURF 500 is a great place to start.

With its built-in grip, you will not need to buy tape in order to use this stick, making it simpler to know where younger players need to put their hands.

Position & Skill Level

This is best for new players who are just getting a feel for field hockey. The Maxi toe technology would indicate that it is best for defenders, but younger players typically need the extra surface area to learn to feel the ball better.

  • Wood composition is great for new players
  • Forgiving touch
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fiberglass reinforced for strength
  • Many length options for growing players
  • Does not provide a lot of power for hard shots

5. STX Field Hockey Surgeon

Great For Indoors Field Hockey

For those who are playing an indoor game, the right choice might be the STX Surgeon I. This is specifically designed for indoor field hockey.

It comes with a combination of carbon, fiberglass, and Aramid, making it durable and lightweight. The Surgeon I comes with a late bow with a maxi toe, giving you a lot of surface area to shoot from.

Ultimately, you will get a stick that is both powerful and lightweight, giving you the extra oomph that you need to shoot hard, but do it quickly.

Position & Skill Level

The STX Surgeon I is an indoor field hockey stick that is best for an advanced indoor field hockey player. It will not work for any outdoor play. The shape of the stick would indicate that it is better for defenders, but given its lightweight design, it could work for any indoor position.

  • High quality indoor field hockey stick
  • 50% carbon, 45% fiberglass, and 5% Aramid
  • Lightweight built
  • Powerful enough for advanced players
  • Late bow and Maxi toe
  • Can only work for indoor play, will not work for outdoor field hockey

6. Grays GX7000 Composite Field Hockey Stick

This is a composite stick that also contains Kevlar, making it the best of both worlds. The combination will give you a multi-directional matrix, giving you more control over where the ball is going.

The weight-to-balance ratio is made to give you a nice balance between the power and the feel of the stick. This will give you the strength that you need to hit hard, but still give you a good feel for where the ball will go.

The stick also comes in 35”, 36”, 37”, and 38” lengths, giving you plenty of options for length, so you should be able to get one that appropriately matches your height.

Position & Skill Level

The Maxi toe of the GX7000 makes it a great choice for defenders, but the fact that it is lightweight also makes it a good choice for midfielders.

  • Optimum weight-to-balance ratio
  • Specially-formulated carbon and Kevlar
  • Multi-directional matrix
  • Works well for both defenders and midfielders
  • Thermoformed heel and ankle lock
  • The grip will need to be retaped from time to time

7. STX Field Hockey Surgeon XT

Great For Accuracy

Another great field hockey stick that you can get is the STX XT 701. This is a hockey stick, ideal for players needing that extra aim.

The bow placement of the XT 701 will enhance your ability to get under and around the ball for 3D skill. The bow is situated very low. With a 70% carbon composition, you know that you will have all of the strength that you need on the field. The carbon is also lightweight and durable.

You really need to know how to play field hockey before trying this one out.

Position & Skill Level

The XT 701 is a great choice for more advanced athletes who already have a good feel for the ball. The tapered toe and heel require you to already have some skills ahead of time. Position-wise, the XT 701 is great for players who need lightning quick reflexes and speed.

  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Lightning quick and agile
  • Flex technology that doesn’t compromise power
  • Tapered toe and heel for quick skills
  • Extreme low bow shape for precision
  • You need to be able to feel a ball before you can try this stick

8. STX Field Hockey Rookie Starter Pack

Full Starter Kit

If you are looking for a set that can get a new field hockey player set up, the best full starter kit is the STX Field Hockey Rookie Starter Pack.

This really has every piece of gear that a new player would need to be able to get going on the field. Getting a set will save you money, since you don’t have to buy everything separately.

The stick comes in 28”, 30”, and 32” so there is a little bit of option in length. The goggles that come in the set meet NFHS field hockey regulations. There are also reversible shin guards, and stick bag to make it easy to transport all of the gear. The only thing you will need to buy is a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

Position & Skill Level

The STX Rookie Starter Pack is made for players who are just getting started in the game. Anyone who has been playing for a long time will not be happy with this. It is really made for youth players as well, so this is not appropriate for adult players. The hockey stick that comes with it is a little bit generic, since it will work for players who are just getting the hang of dribbling.

  • Comes with all of the gear you need
  • Goggles meet NFHS regulations
  • Reversible shin guards
  • Great for younger players
  • Available in 28”, 30” and 32”
  • Hockey stick is a little generic as far as skills go

9. STX Field Hockey Stick Stallion

Another great field hockey stick that you can get is the STX Stallion I hockey stick. This is specifically an indoor stick and should not be used for outdoor play.

For an indoor stick, the versatile box shape will allow players to use this same stick no matter what positions they are playing. The Maxi toe enhances the ability to control the stick in indoor field hockey.

The fiberglass construction of the Stallion I dampens receptions while still giving you enough power to effective on the field.

Position & Skill Level

This is an indoor  stick. It is versatile enough to be used for any position, which can be especially helpful if this is a backup stick. Because of the Maxi toe, this might be preferred by defenders, but it is still versatile enough for other positions. Experience-wise, beginners would most likely be using this stick.

  • Versatile enough to use for multiple positions
  • Fiberglass construction helps dampen receptions
  • Soft shaft grip is easy to handle
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Great control over the ball
  • Fiberglass construction is not as lightweight and durable as carbon sticks

10. Adidas V24 Carbon Field Hockey Stick

For our final review, take a look at the Adidas V24 carbon stick. Another great choice from Adidas, the V24 features a DUALROD construction, meaning there are two rods with foam filled on the inside to help absorb the shock.

The carbon inside of the stick make the stick incredibly light and easy to handle, but it is still not a great choice for beginning players who have not learned how to feel for the ball yet.

The reinforced main impact areas mean that the stick cannot reverberate back up your arm giving you more control than you might expect.

Position & Skill Level

This is a great stick for elite players who need the extra power in order to effectively control the ball. The J toe shape requires control in order to use it effectively. Position-wise, this is a super light hockey stick that requires a touch compound to keep it under control.

  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbing
  • DUALROD internal carbon foam structure
  • Control bow shape
  • J toe shape gives you extra lift
  • No length options, you have to get what they give you

The Parts Of A Field Hockey Stick

Field hockey sticks have several parts to them that could help determine what the right stick is for you.

  • Grip: The top of your hockey stick is where your grip is. This is where you can easily place your hands to hold onto the stick while you are playing. The size and stickiness of the grip is usually determined by what your needs are.
  • Handle: While your top hand will be up on the grip, your control hand will be further down the stick on the handle. The distance between the grip and handle is determined by the length.
  • Head: The head is the part of the stick that touches the ground. It is flat on one side and round on the other, making it helpful for passing and shooting.
  • Heel: The heel of the stick is where the head of the stick bends to connect to the toe of the stick. It’s the curved part that does not touch the ground.
  • Toe: The toe is the part where the head curves upward to the end of the stick. It can have a wide range of curvature options.
  • Scoop: There is a small groove on the head of the stick called the scoop. Its job is to help manoeuvre, cradle, and control how you move the stick.
  • Bow: The bend in your stick’s handle is called the bow. It runs from the cradle of the stick up to the head. You have choices as how far the curve of the bow goes.

The Bow Type Of Your Stick

Field Hockey Stick Bow

The bow of your stick is the curvature. The amount of curvature that you need will vary depending on your position, skills, and what you prefer.

  • Standard Bow: A standard bow is a straight stick. This is the ideal choice for beginners who are working on their skills. The ball is easier to control with a straight stick and you can see where it is going. Once you have the fundamentals down, you can consider changing to a different bow.

  • Control Bow: A control bow is built by curving in the direction of the toe. It is built to perform drag flicks, lifts, and help you get an aerial power shot. This stick is also called a mega bow and is really a great choice for advanced players, but not a good choice for beginners.

  • Late Bow: A late bow is designed to give you the fastest and best control when you are moving quickly down the field. This is a great stick for dribbling, a quick shot, or even an aerial pass. It peaks just before the toe to give you a better lift.

Stick Toe Design

While you might not have noticed, there are actually a few different toe configurations and shapes on field hockey sticks.

  • Shorti: Shorti toes are a great choice for forwards. They offer agility, control, and more precision than you will get from other toes. They are designed to help keep the ball moving forward.

  • Midi: A Midi toe will give you a larger surface area to hit on. This will help you shoot, flick, and reverse play much easier than a Shorti. A Midi toe is a great choice for beginning players. 
  • Maxi: Maxi toes have the biggest surface area to hit on. It will let you hit quickly as well as block opponents from shooting. Defenders typically opt for this type of toe.

  • Hook: A Hook toe is actually two pieces, giving you extra surface area for shooting. Its J-shaped toe is a great choice for drag-flicks as well as reverse stick play.

Stick Length 

Stick Length

The length of your field hockey stick typically depends on your height. Some players will still prefer longer or shorter sticks, depending on their position, but generally you will want the stick to come up to your hip when it is resting on the ground. For example, a player who is 5’10” would normally look for a hockey stick that is 37 inches long while a person taller than that would need a stick that is 38 inches long. Additionally, forwards will normally go for a shorter stick rather than a longer one because they have to run quickly down the field. A defensive position might want a longer one for more reach.

Outdoor vs Indoor Field Hockey Sticks

Whether you play indoor or outdoor field hockey can also factor into the type of field hockey stick that you would want. The indoor field is substantially smaller than an outdoor field so you need a smaller and faster stick. Indoor sticks are lighter and more flexible, with a thinner shaft and toe to help players manoeuvre the ball quicker.

Meanwhile, outdoor sticks are thicker and heavier, making it easier to drive a fall further down the field with more power. Outdoor sticks can often be used for indoor field hockey, but normally an indoor stick will not be strong enough for playing outdoors.

Final Words

When it comes to finding the perfect field hockey stick to meet your needs, you will not be able to just pick up the first one that you see and call it good. Instead, it requires a lot of work and troubleshooting. Knowing what you need from your stick is the first step into being able to pick out the right one for you.

Overall, the Malik Gaucho has all of the features that you would need from a field hockey stick. If you are a more competitive player, however, you might need one of the bigger and more powerful sticks. Remember that you need to know what your hockey position is ahead of time. If you do not know it yet, make sure you are getting versatile sticks that you can use regardless of your position and skill level.

Your field hockey stick is the most important piece of equipment that you can buy for the sport. Make sure that you are getting something that is high quality but still offers everything that you need to be a great player.

Remember your own preference as well as your position and you will find the best field hockey stick you can.

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