Best Hockey Sticks (2021) – Top Sticks For Forwards & Defensemen

To play your best game, you need to use the best hockey sticks possible. Your stick is an essential piece of equipment and the wrong one could ruin your performance and lose you the game.

But how can you know what the perfect hockey stick is? The answer is not simple and it depends on the player and the position. Even professionals will have a certain type of stick that they prefer to use that will differ from another player.

The choice of stick comes down to how it feels in your hand. But even with the feel, you have to make sure that you are using the right stick.

How To Choose The Best Hockey Stick For You 

Hockey Stick Type

Deciding on a hockey stick for yourself means that you need to take several factors into consideration - including the material it is made out of, whether it is one or two pieces, the shaft, and the weight.  The feel of the stick for you is determined each of these factors.

Two-Piece Stick or One-Piece Hockey Stick 

Another consideration when it comes to choosing your stick is whether you want a one-piece or a two-piece stick. One-piece is more common, but that does not mean it is always the right choice. Here’s the difference.

  • Two-Piece Stick: A two-piece stick is where the blade is a different piece, and often material, than the shaft is. Players who prefer two-piece usually enjoy the ability to change out the blade or pattern, though it is less common to see them than one-piece sticks.

  • One-Piece Stick: One-piece sticks are a relatively new invention. They are just one continual piece of material, making them lighter than two-piece sticks. A lighter stick uses less energy and strength for the player to shoot and allowing the player to be quicker with their hands.

The Flex of The Shaft 

The flex rating that you will see listed on a hockey stick in the store is referring to the amount of force that you have to put in order to bend a hockey stick. The pressure is measured in pounds. For example, a 100 flex shaft would require 100 pounds of pressure in order to bend it, whereas a lighter stick would require less.

The ideal flex for you should be half of what your body weight is. So if you are a 200 pound person, a 100 flex rating would be ideal. It might not work out perfectly, but it is a great place to start.


The final factor that goes into the makeup of a great hockey stick is how much it weighs. The lighter the stick, the less energy you will spend using it to shoot or even simply carrying it around.

Heavier weights, however, might provide extra power if you are strong enough to use it and the sticks themselves can be more durable.

The stronger that you are, the easier it will be to wield a heavier stick, but if it is too heavy, you will not be able to control it and it could cost you a game. For this reason, most players prefer a light hockey stick.

13 Best Hockey Sticks (2021)


Skill Level



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1. Bauer Vapor FlyLite

Editor's Choice


383 grams


2. CCM JetSpeed FT3

High Performance


380 grams


3. Warrior Alpha DX Pro

Budget Friendly


440 grams


4. CCM Ribcor 3D PMT


398 grams


5. Bauer Nexus 2N 


426 grams


6. Warrior Alpha QX


413 grams


7. CCM Ribcor Trigger 4

Extra Durable


395 grams


8. CCM Super Tacks 2.0


429 grams


9. Bauer Supreme 1S


423 grams


10. Sher-Wood M90

Lightest Hockey Stick


355 grams


11. Warrior Phantom QRE


360 grams


12. CCM JetSpeed FT2


417 grams


13. True XCore XC9


425 grams


1. Bauer Vapor FlyLite Hockey Stick

Best Hockey Stick (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best hockey stick is the Bauer Vapor Flylite. This is a composite stick that is lightweight and a great choice for the player who really wants to take his/her game to the next level.

This stick comes in 70 Flex, 77 Flex, 87 Flex, and 102 Flex, so it really can work for just about any skill level.

Bauer FlyLite Hockey Stick


The Flylite is made with an advanced carbon layering technique. That is how the stick manages to stay durable, but also flexible. The stick also is made up of Aero-Sense 2. This is the blade core of the stick that will help to give you a bigger pop each time you make a shot.

Another element of its design is the DuraFlex resins system. This increases the shaft’s overall durability as well as its flexural strength. Using this, you will be able to lean heavily into your shots, not having to worry about the balance of feel of the stick itself.


There are a lot of great features that come with this stick. The first is the XE taper, which is a new type of technology from Bauer. This taper design makes use of an elliptical geometry using a thinner construction and rounded edges. All of these elements will work together to further decrease the weight of the stick, but they also will increase the release speed of it.

The Flylite stick also uses Bauer’s Asymmetrical TeXtreme shaft technology, which is a lightweight and responsive shaft material. It has a more rectangular shape to give you a more balanced feeling as well as improved overall performance.

  • Low-kick point for quick release
  • DuraFlex resin system
  • Advanced Carbon Layering
  • Aero-Sense 2 blade core
  • XE Taper technology
  • We didn’t find any!

2. CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro Hockey Stick

High Performance

If you are looking for a hockey stick that is still one of the best, but it is also high performance, take a look at the CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro hockey stick.

This is a great stick for pro and elite-level players alike. It does come in 70 Flex, 75 Flex, 85 Flex, and 95 Flex, so there is some choice and flexibility with skill level.

CCM JetSpeed FT3 Pro Hockey Stick


The design of the Jetspeed FT3 Pro includes a Jetspeed shaft with double-concave dimensions. It also has R-geometry to make a comfortable, streamlined shaft. The Sigmatax Spread Tow keeps the stick itself both lightweight and durable. So, even though it feels like you should be able to break it with a swift hit, the stick should last a long time.

The FT3 Pro’s shaft is made out of a nanolite carbon layering system which will give you lighter and better performance.


Looking at the stick’s features, the FT3 Pro has a Hybrid Flex profile. This is used to give the stick more speed and response time. Since you get a choice in the Flex you get it in, this features should really work to improve your game. There is also a quick trigger release, ensuring that all of your shots will have the snap and power you want.

Another feature that you will get with this stick is the JF-90 Blade. This has a dampening core that will give you a heighted puck feel as well as better overall control on the ice. Finally, the flex point of the stick is made to give you a power hinge effect. This means that you can load the stick using a blend of both speed and response.

  • Hybrid Flex profile
  • JF-90 Blade
  • Sigmatax Spread Tow
  • Nanocarbon Layering
  • Double-concave dimensions
  • We didn’t find any

3. Warrior Alpha DX Pro Hockey Stick

Budget Friendly

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a great hockey stick. If you are looking for the best hockey stick that you can get on a budget, check out the Warrior Alpha DX Pro.

This is a high performance stick without the high performance price tag. This stick comes in 65 Flex, 75 Flex, 85 Flex, and 100 Flex.

Warrior Alpha DX Pro Hockey Stick


Let’s start with the Warrior Alpha DX’s design. It has a Sabre Taper shaft. This means that the stick gets thinner towards the blade. This is partly why the stick weighs less than a pound (440 grams). Also part of its design is the True 1 Phantom Feel.

This technology is what helps make the Alpha DX Pro one of the lightest and strongest on-piece sticks in the Warrior line. It also gives a balanced feel to the stick, enhancing its overall control as well as the stick’s responsiveness.

If you are looking for a stick that offers power shots, however, you might not be able to get the snap off of this stick like you would a heavier stick.


Looking at the Warrior Alpha DX features, you will find that it has a mid-kick point that allows for a quick release. The flex is closer to the blade, giving you a fast recoil. This will help you get fast shots off, making this a great choice for players looking for quick shooting.

Finally, the stick comes with Fuelcore technology, which enhances the construction of the blade by using composite layering around the core. This will help to give your shots more pop and improve the puck feel.

  • Mid-kick point
  • Sabre Taper
  • Ergo shaft shape
  • Apex Grip
  • Fuelcore technology
  • Hard to get a lot of power of this

4. CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Hockey Stick

Great Hockey Stick For Advanced Players

One of the most reliable sticks on the market is the CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D.


CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D PMT Stick

The RibCor Trigger 3D stick comes in new shaft dimensions, featuring rounded corners and concave sidewalls for better control and a more comfortable feel in the hands. As it is meant to be as lightweight as possible, the stick is made up using a Sigmatex carbon fiber material that is also intended to be durable.

The design is reengineered on a geometric level to give you the best energy transfer possible, including its low kick point. Using top-grade carbon fiber, it is also designed to take a beating and not break on its first game while still giving you a better balanced feel.


One of the top features of the Ribcor Trigger is the CCM X-flow technology. This is a type of molding technology that allows for the improvement of the quality and consistency within the shaft. It works by removing any excess voids or resin, so it is as sleek and consistent as possible.

Additionally there is also an enhanced flex profile, meaning you will have an easy load as well as a quick release. It is really an elite hockey stick that has been modeled after the needs of professional players, giving you a lightweight stick that is still capable of delivering power shots.

  • Lighter and more consistent shaft
  • Carbon fiber makes it lightweight
  • Ascent Blade 3 technology improves accuracy
  • Low kick-point means quicker shots
  • Advanced molding technology on shaft
  • Great stick for elite players, but will not work as well for learning players

5. Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip Hockey Stick 

The Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Grip is a composite hockey stick that is at the top of the Nexus line. It is part of Bauer’s line of elite sticks.


Bauer Nexus 2N Composite Hockey Stick

The design of the 2N is based on three upgrades from its predecessor. It does have the Bauer R-Lite system while has a 1X blade core with a fiber-reinforced dampening layer between the core and the fiber. It is designed to also give you the maximum height possible, making it a good stick for taller players as well as giving you the edge in face-offs and corner battles.

This is designed with a Monocomp technology, meaning it is a one-piece hockey stick. It allows for consistency as well as better durability, so you should not have to replace it all of the time. It has a lower risk of breaking easily when compared to other sticks.


There are a lot of positive features that come with the Nexus 2N, including a R-Lite blade which means that you are going to have a lightweight stick and a better feel from the stick.

This stick also has Bauer’s DuraFlex resin system, which replaced the ElasTech that the preceding stick had. DuraFlex has a 20 percent increase in flex strength than the ElasTech did. The result is that there is better tension management from your stick. There is also Sweet Spot technology that will give you a quick-shot release with a lot of power behind it.

  • Monocomp on-piece design means superb shaft construction
  • TeXtreme 18 K carbon fiber
  • Advanced carbon layering for more carbon and durability
  • DuraFlex resin system for more flex strength
  • 1X blade core and reinforced dampening layer
  • Maximum blade height means it is not a good choice for players with a shorter stature

6. Warrior Alpha QX Grip Hockey Stick

Another wonderful composite stick, the Warrior Alpha QX is without a doubt one of the top hockey sticks on the market. The Alpha QX is made to show off its dominance on the ice.


Warrior Alpha QX Composite Hockey Stick

The design of the Warrior Alpha QX uses a Minimus Carbon 1000, which is a lightweight and study type of material that makes it easy to use the stick. There is also a solid taper design that gives it stability throughout the blade when you release your shot.

With this model, Warrior really worked on the shaft technology, giving you a stick that is modern, sleek, and incredibly lightweight. No heavy designs are going to be popular with hockey sticks, so it should come as no wonder that this stick is also made to be light.


The Alpha QX has many wonderful features to it, including the sabre taper that is made to make it more stable when you are releasing your shot. With more stability, you will get better accuracy and have an overall better performance on the ice. One of the most important features that you will get from the Alpha QX, however, is that the puck-feel is so excellent that you will only rarely need to look down at the puck to see what you are doing.

This stick also includes the True 1 Phantom Feel. This means that it is light and well-balanced. There are many other sticks that are lightweight, but this level of balance is hard to beat. The balance also means that there is a better pop off of your snapshots and slapshots, getting you to bounce the puck right off of your blade.

  • Warrior’s patented taper
  • Mid to low flex point allows a snap-off of your release
  • Extremely light and well-balanced
  • Enhanced puck-feel
  • Solid strength and durability
  • Smaller shaft dimensions make it limited on who can use it

7. CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro Hockey Stick

Extra Durable Hockey Stick

For a hockey stick that is extra durable, check out the CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro. This is a composite stick that should hold up, even against the hardest hockey players out there.

CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro Hockey Stick


The design of the Trigger 4 Pro includes Sigmatex material. This will give you a high-end structural strength and it is what really makes the stick durable. The material is a high-performance, spread fabric that comes with an innovative weaving process. That way, it gives strength and resilience at a level that you would want to have from an elite-quality hockey stick.

The top-shaft of the stick has a rounded, concave shape that will give you a high level of dexterity. The low-shaft has a square-cornered, concave front and rounded concave back for better accuracy.


Let’s take a look at the features of the CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro. This stick comes with an optimized low-kick point for a faster release. This is not everyone’s preference, so make sure that this is the right kick point for you.

The Trigger 4 Pro has CCM’s new Agility Blade, which is a blade with a thin profile that allows linear flex to occur, enhancing the quick release. It still has a torsional stiffness that will help you with accuracy as well as consistency.

Some of the key features that you will get with this stick include the X-Flow technology, which is an advanced molding process. This eliminates excess resin and voids. That will give you improved shaft quality. That is also how the stick manages to be lightweight, durable, as well as consistent when you are passing, shooting, or stickhandling.

  • Increased agility
  • Sigmatex material
  • Ergonomic shaft design
  • Optimized low-kick point
  • X-Flow Shaft
  • We didn’t find any!

8. CCM Super Tacks 2.0 Grip Hockey Stick

CCM has released a couple of good quality hockey sticks to give the most power possible. The CCM Super Tacks 2.0 is one of them, the other is the Tacks 7092.


CCM Super Tacks Composite Hockey Stick

The Super Tacks 2.0 is designed using a lightweight material that will give a better kickpoint and overall performance. The composite fiber is made by Sigmatex, which is a world leader in producing composite fiber. You get great composite quality with this hockey stick. Additionally, the material that is used is ultra-light and designed to not wrinkle during production, ensuring that the shaft stays smooth without wrinkles. This will increase its overall longevity and ensure it will not snap on you suddenly during a game.

The Sigmatex is also used in the blade of the stick, which results in a stiffer blade. The blade should improve the overall shot accuracy as well as its consistency.


The Super Tacks 2.0 offers you a responsive, dual profile with a mid-kickpoint and two optimized loading zones. The loading zones are made for wrist shots and slap shots. This also features a taper at the bottom of the stick, changing the responsiveness of it and how well you will be able to feel the puck on the ice.

Another one of the most important features of this stick is the bumper technology. This is used to prevent the stick from experiencing traumas during a game, increasing the life of the stick itself. This means you should not have to replace the stick often.

  • Responsive, dual flex profile
  • Mid-kickpoint with two loading zones
  • Soft taper for responsive feel
  • Improved consistency and accuracy
  • Reinforced slash zone with bumper technology
  • Stiffer blade may improve accuracy, but it can also diminish the flex of the stick

9. Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Stick 

Another hit from Bauer, the Bauer Supreme 1 S is a composite hockey stick that will not disappoint. This is a great choice for an elite hockey player looking for a stick to match his level of play.

Bauer Supreme 1S Composite Hockey Stick


The design of the Bauer Supreme 1S is meant to be high performing. Taking into account all of the bells and whistles that you would want from your composite hockey stick, the Supreme 1S has a Renew Core blade, which is made to be durable. It releases the pressurized gel in order to fill minor internal blade cracks and increase the life of the blade itself.

This stick also has a Maximum Power Kick flex profile built into its high quality design, making it the stick of many players’ dreams.


Some of the wonderful features of the Bauer Supreme 1 S are the Lightweight TeXtreme Construction of the shaft. This means that the hockey stick is all one-piece, but uses an incredibly light and durable type of composite in order to give you the power that you are hoping for. The carbon is 20 percent lighter while absorbing impact 20 percent better than other models on the market.

This is really just another great example of Bauer’s dedication to making great hockey products as well as embracing the ever changing world of technology. The eLASTech resin technology will prevent microfractures from spreading and becoming larger fractures as time goes on, making this blade last much longer than its competitors. Without a doubt, this stick can revolutionize your game.

  • Releases pressurized gel to fill minor internal blade cracks
  • Extended Transfer Zone
  • Versatile kickpoint
  • Maximum Power Kick flex profile
  • Shaft is made of Lightweight TeXtreme Construction
  • Not durable, does not have much longevity

10. Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Hockey Stick

Lightest Hockey Stick

If you are a player who enjoys a quick shots, the best senior hockey stick for you would be the Sher-Wood Rekker M90.


Sher-Wood Rekker M90 Hockey Stick

This hockey stick is designed with a low kick point, which is important for players who like to take quick shots rather than powerful shots. This is a lightweight stick that has a great handling and stick feel, but it will not give you power shots if that is your style of play.

The M90 has a Blackline XXV carbon fiber weave that allows it to be both lightweight and powerful. Combined with the Flylite II technology, the stick is lighter with great balance and durability.


The Rekker M90 offers a lot of great features, including the VRF.4 blade, which will enhance the puck feel for you. This type of blade is thinner and lighter, but is still stronger than many other types. The advanced foams that are used will help give you the feel that you want when you are passing and shooting the puck.

You will also find that the Reffer M90 has a Resinjection system with resin technology to help add a little more pop to your shot. The Graphene Infused technology is a type of nano tech that allows the stick to be incredibly lightweight while still being 200 times stronger than steel.

Sher-Wood Rekker M90 stick is also one of the best gifts for hockey players out there.

  • Dropkick Taper for quick release
  • Blackline XXV carbon fiber
  • Flylite II technology
  • Resinjection for better strength
  • VRF.4 blade
  • Does not have enough power for power shots

11. Warrior Fantom QRE Grip Hockey Stick

New Release

For a hockey stick that is new to the market, check out the Warrior Fantom QRE Grip Composite hockey stick. This stick is loaded with the latest technology.


Warrior Fantom QRE Composite Hockey Stick

To begin with the, design of the Fantom QRE stick includes an Edge taper. This is a new type of angular taper that allows you to drive energy through the stick to give you a quick release that still packs a punch. The design also has a unique geometrical quality that improves the overall response and allows the stick to be stronger and more efficient.

The kick point of this stick is low as well, offering an enhanced quick release when you really want it. Combined with the taper, you will have complete control over your stick.


This stick has a lot to offer, including the Enigma carbon material. It is the lightest and most dynamic material that Warrior has ever used, so you are really getting the most current technology when you use this stick. It has an overall increase in quickness and power on slapshots, snapshots, and wrists shots as well, since the puck slides off the blade quicker.

Finally, this hockey stick has the True 2 Shadow feel, which allows you to really feel the puck through the stick. It is a one-piece construction that uses the feel to give you the most control possible.

  • Enigma carbon material
  • True 2 Shadow feel
  • Edge taper
  • Low kick-point
  • Lightweight
  • The stick only comes in the standard 60” length

12. CCM Jetspeed FT2 Hockey Stick

Another high performance hockey stick that you can get is the CCM Jetspeed FT2. This is a high-end stick that will not disappoint you.


CCM JetSpeed FT2 Hockey Stick

The design of the Jetspeed FT2 includes the Sigmatex material which will increase the overall strength from the stick. This technology comes from aerospace technology and uses an innovative weaving process that provides a high level of strength and resiliency.

This is improved further by the Jetspeed shaft, which offers improved comfort through the use of rounded corners, a streamlined shape, and concave sides. This will give you the level of feel that you should be able to expect.


The FT2 has a JetFuel-80 blade, which is one of the newest technologies out there right now. It is a lightweight construction with a dampened core to give you better stick handling. The tactile surface and reinforced heel and toe of the JF-80 increase the overall durability and strength of the blade as well.

Additionally, you will get a hybrid flex profile from the FT2. This stick has a mid-kick point that creates a hybrid flex profile using a hinge effect. As a result, the loading zone is optimized, giving you quickness in shot and response.

  • Sigamatex material
  • Hybrid flex profile
  • JF-80 blade
  • Jetspeed shaft
  • X-Flow technology
  • This stick has a lot of give and is harder to be accurate with

13. True Xcore XC9 Hockey Stick

The True Xcore XC9 hockey stick is a senior composite hockey stick that is made for puck control and accuracy while still being as lightweight as possible.


The redesigned XC9 features a repositioned insert that will allow for a high amount of impact absorption. This will give you better puck control and stickhandling.

The XC9 also comes with some great technological advancements, such as Axenic technology, which is a combination of a compression molded shaft and a one-piece stick. The design is really one-of-a-kind, because it has an entirely seamless build. Its goal seems to be puck-feel, which is vital.

The focus of the design of the stick is to be lightweight as well as balanced, so you can still get a strong shot off, but not be overly burdened by a heavy stick that is hard to carry around. The blade design also has BRT+ technology, which allows for a stronger, lighter blade with a better heel durability than comparable sticks.


There are a lot of great features built into this stick, including True’s SmartPly technology. SmartPly means that the fiber angles of the stick have been optimized into 25 layers of carbon fiber within a single shaft.

This allows a balance between the weight and the strength, so the stick can still be light without becoming overly fragile.

The stick also has True’s SmartFlex technology, which is in place to increase the responsiveness of the stick. It works by optimizing the stick’s shooting profile for all shot types, so it is more powerful and accurate, regardless of where in the rink you are shooting from.

  • Xcore for better puck feel
  • SmartPly for excellent balance
  • SmartFlex for better responsiveness
  • Swing weight technology
  • Axenic technology
  • Longevity of the stick is fairly short

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Hockey Stick

Hockey Stick Ultimate Guide

How Long Should Your Hockey Stick Be?

One of the biggest factors to consider when you are choosing a new hockey stick is what the ideal length of stick is for you.

This is completely an individual question so the right answer just depends on the individual. The length of your stick can have a major effect on your overall performance. Length affects your shot, your reach, how you can pass or receive passes, and your ability to control the stick itself.

Generally, when you are choosing the right length of a stick, you should stand up straight while looking straight forward.

The stick should be in front of your body with the tip of the blade on the ground. If you are barefoot or wearing street shoes, the stick should land between your chin and your nose. If you have ice hockey skates on, it should go up to your chin.

Some players will choose a longer or shorter stick to alter how they play. For example, players with longer sticks could be the “Defensemen” who need a longer stick. The hockey stick will give them a longer reach to get a puck away from the other team. Meanwhile, a shorter stick can give you better control of the puck.

Shorter Stick

A shorter stick does not go past your chin when held vertically while you are wearing your hockey skates. Shorter sticks are ideal for players who like to move quickly in and out of situations and who prefer to do a lot of stickhandling.

Keep in mind that if you are planning on shortening a stick, the flex will change as you do so, so you might want to get a lower flex than you would have otherwise.

Regular Stick

This is the standard length of a hockey stick. This length comes straight from the manufacturer. Usually, you can have a couple options in length to make sure that you are getting the right one for your height and your preferred gameplay.

These sticks can be used for all type of hockey play and stickhandling. While you might want a longer or shorter stick depending on your position, you can use a regular length stick for any position as well.

Long Stick

Longer sticks can also be made that way by the manufacturer, but extensions can also be added to a regular stick to make it a longer stick. Longer sticks are preferred by defensemen since they increase your overall reach, helping keep opponents in your reach.

Tall players might also need an extension, because a regular stick is too short for them based on their position as well as how they prefer to play.

Composite vs. Wood Stick 

The decision between a composite or wood hockey sticks mostly comes down to preference. Professional hockey players tend to rely on composite sticks because of the control and extra edge that they can add during a game.

If you are not aiming to be a pro, however, you do have more choice in the stick that will give you the best feel that you are looking for.

Composite Sticks Are:

  • Durable
  • Provide a better power shot
  • More expensive

While Wood Sticks:

  • Have a better feel
  • Less expensive
  • Less durability

Ultimately when it comes down to composite versus wood, you need to think about how you like to play as well as the way it feels in your hands.

How To Choose A Hockey Stick Flex 

Hockey Stick Flex

Low Flex (70-85)

A low flex stick does not need much shaft loading in order to get a successful shot from it. That said, you will not be able to do power shots with a low flex stick.

If you hit these sticks too hard, there is a good chance that they will shatter. Lightweight players might prefer a low flex stick. Players who prefer quicker motion and shorter shots tend to prefer lower flex ratings.

Medium Flex (85-100)

Medium flex sticks are the middle ground. They can work for most anyone and can perform most of the shots that you would be attempting.

Because it is the middle flex, you will not get the same power shot as you could from a high flex nor the same snap shot you would get from a lower flex. That said, you should still be able to make either kind of shot in any situation on the ice.

Heavy Flex (100-120)

Heavy flex sticks are really just there for incredibly large or start players. You have to lean into a heavy flex stick shots. Because of the high stiffness rating, you will be able to put more energy into the stick than with lower flexes.

As a result, you will truly get hard power shots from a heavy flex stick. They might be awkward to use at first, especially if you are new to the sport.


The medium flex is the nice middle of the road for hockey players. This is the flex that we recommend for a general player who likes to take all types of shots.

You would know if you are a heavy or light person, however, you should take into consideration your height and weight.

Does Cutting A Stick Down Or Adding An Extension Change The Flex?

If you alter the stick’s length in any way, you will ultimately alter the flex of the stick. When a stick is shortened, it will feel stiffer as if it has a higher flex rating.

Likewise, an extended stick will behave like a lower flex rating. If you cut a stick, you will not just affect the length and flex, but the entire feel that you get off from it. Some sticks have cutting guides to let you know how the flex would be affected.

Using A Softer Hockey Stick May:

  • Increase the shot velocity, since you will be able to flex the stick further with more load energy.
  • Cause you to be somewhat less accurate than you might have been due to the increase of stress on the stick as the stick bends more.
  • There is also a recoil and release concern, where if you don’t release quickly enough, you will not have enough power and your shot will be weak.

Using A Stiffer Hockey Stick May:

  • Improve your accuracy when shooting, since there is not as much energy loaded into the stick. Since there is less stress, the blade can remain square on the target.
  • Result in a loss of power and speed since the stick cannot flex as well as you would like it to.
  • Recoil and release before you have finished the shot, so the puck flutters.
  • Cause your hands to vibrate because it cannot absorb much impact from your shots or your passes.

Hockey Stick Blade Patterns

Hockey Stick Blade Pattern

Another consideration for choosing the right hockey stick is the type of blade pattern that you will need in order to be successful on the ice.

The pattern of a blade is the details behind it, including its curve, face, blade, and even its lie. All of these factors will go into whether it is comfortable for you to use a particular stick.

  • Curve Direction: The curve is hard to measure, but the direction mostly depends on whether you are right handed or left handed.
  • Curve Type: The type of curve explains where the curve begins on your blade, including whether it is the toe, the middle, or the heel of the blade.
  • Curve Depth: The depth of your curve is how much of an angle the curve has. A deep curve means you can lift shots, but a smaller curve will give you better control over where your puck goes.
  • Face Angle: The two angle are open and closed. The open face manes that the blade is angled away from the puck to make it easier to life. Closed is where the top of the blade angles over the puck.
  • Blade Length: The three lengths of a blade are short, medium, and long. The length you want depends mostly on your control and experience level.
  • Lie: The lie is how the blade is angled when you compare it to the shaft. The blade needs to be angled against the ice, so if you hold it steeply, you should go with a high angle.

Your Hockey Experience & Budget

Regardless of whether you are shopping for a hockey stick for the first time or the fiftieth time, you still need to think about your experience level as well as your budget when you are shopping for a composite stick.

The experience level will determine whether you should use an elite stick or if you would be better to get a beginning hockey stick.

Your budget should also come into consideration. Not only will you have to pay the price up front for your composite sticks, but if you get a type that breaks frequently, you will need to budget for the replacements as well.

Style Of Play

Style Of Play

How you play is also a big factor in determining what type of hockey stick is the best choice for you. If you are strong, you will have an easier time managing a heavy stick. If you are not, you need to go with a lighter stick that you will be able to control.

Additionally, if you are a harder player, you will need a more durable stick versus a player who is not as aggressive and would not need the durability to be successful on the ice.

Every player will develop his own style to match his skills and the type of stick will depend on it.

How Does The Stick Feel

When it comes down to it, how much of a feel can you get from your stick? The feel is how connected that you feel with the ice. Having the right feel means that you will have the best control possible with a puck, ensuring that it goes exactly where you need it to be.

Shopping based on feel is a hard thing to measure, since you may not get a good idea until you have already been playing on the ice. Things always feel differently in a store than they would on the ice.

The feel itself is referring to how good the stick feels in your hand as well as your power and control. If you have a stick that does not make a good connection to the ice or you feel like you cannot get the right amount of power, you have a stick that does not have the right feel.

Hockey Stick With A Grip Or Clean Finish

One final consideration that you should make when shopping for a hockey stick is how you would like the grip to feel in your hands. The two primary types of grips include a grip or just a plain finish. Ideally, you should go with a stick that has a grip, especially if you are a new player.

A grip will put your hands in the correct position for a game, allowing you to focus more on where the puck is going. A clean finish without a grip does not give you the same control that you get with a grip, but it also gives you a chance to move your hands around to find the perfect balance point.

The more popular of the two, a grip literally gives you a better handle on the stock, ensuring you maintain control when you are on the ice. In turn, clean finishes are usually taped off to give an indication of where the hand should go.

How Long Does A Composite Hockey Stick Last? 

The longevity of your composite hockey stick depends on several factors.

  • How the stick is built is one of the main factors. If your stick is made with a high amount of fiberglass rather than carbon, it is more likely to fracture faster than a composite stick that is primarily carbon.
  • The next factor is what your position is. Shot blockers also have a higher amount of broken sticks as do slap shooters since the stick is under more pressure.
  • How experienced you are and how often you play both matter as well for the wear and tear on your stick.

What Should I Do With A Broken Hockey Stick

Broken Hockey Stick

To put it bluntly, you will need to replace your stick when it breaks. We know that this is not ideal for you and that the cost of replacing sticks can be very expensive and add up, but unfortunately, that is really the best option.

Some players will try to have their sticks repaired by a pro shop, but in the end, it is a waste of your money. A stick fix is not a long-term solution and the change of breaking your stick again immediately is very high.

Even if your stick seems like it might be ok after a repair, the flex on your stick is going to have been altered. Because the integrity to the stick has been ruined, the stick will not be capable of flexing the way that it once did.

If you want to try to repair the stick yourself or let a friend try, you can always try to extend its life a little further, but be prepared to buy a new one.

How Are Composite Hockey Sticks Made?

Since composite hockey sticks have become the standard for hockey players, you might be wondering how they are made.

Composite sticks are made up of a combination of materials, such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and even Kevlar.

Fiberglass is commonly used. It is made up of fine glass fibers that have been woven together delicately to come out almost like cloth.

Several layers are used to increase the integrity and the thickness, which will ultimately make the stick very heavy. Since it is just glass, they can be more fragile than other materials. Carbon fiber is actually graphite that is also drawn into long fibers and heated to the point that it is just carbon. It is also woven like a cloth. 

The most expensive sticks are completely carbon since it is light and durable. Aluminum can also be used with carbon, but it is not as powerful and should not be used without another material.

Final Words

When it comes down to it, your goal as a hockey player is to be the best that you can be. This means that you want to be able to play well and hard, but you also do not want to break the bank in order to achieve this success.

For that reason, the best hockey stick that you can get is the Bauer Vapor FlyLite. This stick combines comfort with an accessible weight, allowing you both the power that you need on the ice as well as the speed that you would hope to get from a reliable senior hockey stick.

Remember, that the ideal stick for you must match your own physical size and strength, your position on your team, and the style that you use in your gameplay.

With all of these factors taken into consideration, you should be able to find the perfect composite hockey stick to meet all of your needs.

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